April 10, 2013

Mark Glenn's The Ugly Truth Broadcast 4-9-2013

The recent screeching of organized Jewish interests against Argentina’s decision with Iran to investigate the bombing of AMIA Jewish community center in 1994–what are they afraid of, and is this a case of the guilty showing their hand?






 Al-Qaeda a tool for West's political/military adventures




Anonymous said...

Ain't it amazing what an ammonium nitrate fertilizer and fuel oil explosive mixture will do?

Anonymous said...

Ugly broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Great show.

No swearing, no racist remarks, no drunkeness, no threats of violence and no nonsense.

A show that invites everyone joining in the fight against the Beast.


Anonymous said...

Glenn is a race denier and promotes White genocide; if you are in any way positive toward the White race and are against White genocide, Glenn will attack you ad hominem, calling you a White supremacist.

Glenn will attack you if you care more about White interests than about semites fighting in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Mark Glenn attacked John de Nugent because of White issues:


Anonymous said...

Mark Glenn attacks sites and podcasts that promote White interests such as prothink and truth militia


Anonymous said...

Mark Glenn is allways attacking people's past, so, what about your murder freind Curt Maynard, Glenn?

Anonymous said...

Glenn has attacked Carolyn Yeager, Jeff Rense, ...

Is Glenn "Russ" who calls(ed) into rbn (oracle)?