April 10, 2013

Reconstructions Special Report with Mike Sledge 2013.04.09

The Last Rites of The Control Grid

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Anonymous said...

You guys should learn from jew bolsheviks how to take over the state.

Yes, they did a lot of propaganda but they also had financial backup and organization based fanatical determination and discipline. Without that it will remain just empty rhetorics and preaching to the choir.

Real revolutioary situation hasn't arrived yet. "Worse is better" as Lenin stated. You better think, how to prepare for this.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful show and optimistic attitude, Mike!

This is all we need.

Anonymous said...

In the future metzitzah b'peh (where a rabbi sucks the bloody penis of an infant during part of a ceremony called bris milah) will be against the law and any mohel caught performing the ritual will face the death penalty. Germany is taking the lead, as usual, on addressing the issue by working towards outlawing metzitzah b'peh.

Good show, Mike.

link to Michael Savage's show on metzitzah b'peh a few days ago : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPLh36XYolc

Hopefully some of the hosts that are featured on Mami's Shit will start addressing this, finally.

shab said...

Great job Mike. Powerful show

Anonymous said...

Shows like these should be a must listen to for those cowards 'no-we-can't so i'm gonna leave this country' and dopeys out there! Great show mike!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mami admin,

Please feature the Savage youtube link to your front page. Thx.

Anonymous said...

Yes and please feature Alex Jones too... Let's all jerk off to Jews please.

Anonymous said...

Mike's real first name is Bolislav

anarchore said...

These guys on Retrograde are all on meth and crack right?

How else could uneducated meatheads pump themselves up with enough delusion to think they are the leaders of a vanguard that anyone is listening to other than for the luls? Sledge must have just banged a 7 gram rock for this show.

"We are winning the debate" LOL, what Celtic Rebel level drug-addled chutzpah. Yeah Wiener Savage felt compelled to reply to your marginal radio shows... hilarious.

Anonymous said...

"analchore" = pure scum. Get a life loser.

anarchore said...

Those who are truly capable of revolutionizing power from within are free to become self reliant, self repairable, and more powerful than ever. But the idea that a group of individuals can setup a state to “secure” themselves in an ever-changing environment kills off the human ability to evolve variants that may eventually become remarkable systems. The state is a type of institutional power that lives cosmetically, queering the acquisition for real power. Moreover, the state is a large, structural system that guarantees protection to large groups of sheep, and in doing so, encourages great weakness. Put simply, the establishment of the State is a fear-driven, back-biting political strategy best described by Hans-Hermann Hoppe as a “scandalous deviation from the natural order.”


Anonymous said...

"Germans suffered for a dream that they should have woken from. They should have woken up and thrown out the subhuman Hitler."......anarchore

Anonymous said...

Most people who comment in mami's are eighter nolifers like rectum&pals or jew agents.

Rocky from ANP was right, most white nationalists are lazy egoists and cowards.

Just fat skinheads behind keyboards, like Mike "real jew" Deleney.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rectum, i see you've woken up early.

Trying to get evenagainst Renegade, who crushed your faggot balls forever? Dream on.

"Anarchism - ideology for political idiots"

Masonic maxim.

You're just angry because nationalist don't accept your gypsie greek ass to our movement. Keep chasing holes, fag.


Chop Chop Bye Bye Head said...

Don't worry, out-of-touch immature analchists & rectal holeboys will get the swingin' time they crave. There will "strings" attached though if you get my drift ;)