July 31, 2013

The Blitzkrieg Broadcast with Kyle Hunt 2013.07.30

The Hidden History of White Slaves White people have been slaving in horrid conditions throughout history and up until the present day. Topics include: white slaves in North Africa, white slaves in North America, white slaves in Israel, white children as sex slaves, white wage slaves, and more.

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Unknown said...

Do not forget the recent story where 100 mainly CPS abducted Foster Children were rescued from their nigger pimps. The fact that the victums were mainly Foster children should not be overlooked.
White foster children are in great demand especially blonds.
In Hawaii white children are targeted by CPS and they are given to non whites who call whites Haoles meaning without breath.
I had a missing persons forum on my former website where I listed 42 missing foster children just between 2008-2010. 19 just between January and July 2008.
Because the media cooperates in covering up missing foster children this # is not complete.
While Linda Lingle was Governor she used CPS as revenge for people who were political enemies.
Hawaii has the biggest child molester rates in the country and locals adopt white children and sexually abuse them as well as get them addicted to drugs.The missing ones were either murdered or sent to foreigh countries for the sex slave market.
I challenged Linda Lingle to account for all the adopted foster children and see if they were OK but was ignored.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post, JS. Not fond of the N word but the facts you bring forward are so very important.

Years ago I tried to research the number of missing children in Texas. I quickly hit a brick wall and none of the data made a lick of sense.

The corruption in our state agencies is just overwhelming and no one is looking in to these gross statistical discfrepancies.

The state legislators are also equally corrupt, not to mention the local city council members and mayors.

Papa Doc John said...

Pagantard britzkriegers are back? Did Mike even apologized to you, zap?