July 31, 2013

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2013.07.31

Fiat Currencies Work If They Can Hide Inflation

-When Gold goes to $2,500, you won’t care weather you bought it at $1,200 or $1,350
-Ditto for silver
-The new GDP numbers and other fairy tales – Uncle Sam Cooks The Books
-Wages are falling and prices are rising. Period
-We go back to 1964 When Patrick made $1.15 an hour at MacDonald’s and compare numbers
-Andy believes the Ancient Sumarians were the first to use fiat money
-They left Jesus alone until he messed with the money boys
-Hitler, Socialism. Banking, fiat money and wars – A fun history lesson
-What are the dynamics for buying a home right now?
-What keeps Ben Bernanke up at night? Stagflation
-Obamacare may be the first Hegelian Dialectic leg of National Health Care
-Taking responsibility for our lives or give that privilege to governments
-FED, ECB and Bank of England meeting this week to talk money
-A listener asks “What Central Banks are not owned by the boys?”
-Liberating Iraq and now the farmers have Monsanto et al dictating acceptable seeds to buy
-Japan – the third largest economy with their biggest gamble in their long History
-Most of the QE ends up in foreign banks
-What are excess reserves and why do we care?
-And the big economic picture by Andrew Gause for this moment in time
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Ian said...

I like Gause and hes 98% on target but as he briefly relates in one of his earlier broadcasts he was attacked in the 90s by the SPLC and it shows. You simply cannot spend as much time as Gause has studying the financial system without realizing its run by Jews.

zapoper said...

Thanks my friend for posting it, All I've got to say.