July 31, 2013

Whistleblowers, Prison, and More…

Want to risk blowing this?
Whistleblowers, in my humble opinion, are honorable people who should be valued rather than prosecuted. I know that may go against the grain for some readers. However, are we not guaranteed—and morally obligated—to think, feel, and believe what our consciences require of us?  (activistpost.com)

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Anonymous said...

I find it hard to accept the

either or

ultimatums profered to us in this article.

There are more possibilities than just ...

Manning and Snowden are great patriots and true whistleblowers


these whistleblowers are knowing shills and patsies with some kind of agenda up their sleaves that we do not know fully about yet.

For example,
they can be dupes and patsies but themselves think they are patriotic whistleblowers risking all for country and truth and their fellow man, that is, they are patsies being used but do not know they are.

Another matter-of-fact statement or implied statement in these kinds of articles that are either pro Snowden and Manning or anti Snowden and Manning is that they did not disclose anything we did not already know.

That is false. They have disclosed the overwhelming pervasiveness of the surveillance and the discussions that have ensued about all of this show us clearly that this information can and will be used for blackmail, extortion or bribery of the innocent citizen and will be used to more rapidly bring about the one world death and slavery system known as the NWO. Fighting terror is just the cover story for all this surveillance and this surveillance is more sophisticated and pervasive than any of us ever realized.

Also the bit about our "Constitutional republic" can also be seen as part of the manipulation.

I would like someone to convince me that there has ever in the history of the USA when we have truly had a constitutional republic and government of the people, by the people and for the people.

There is even the possibility that the entire founding our our nation was part of a world diabolical dialectical scheme.