August 31, 2013

Obama Saying the U.S WILL STRIKE Syria because it is a National Security Issue, but will get Congressional Approval - Assad committed the Chemical Attack
Obama is saying the U.S. will strike Syria.   But he did just say he will go ahead and get Congressional Approval for the war.  He proclaimed he didn't need Congress's approval but will go ahead and get it.
He spewed a lot of rhetoric full of LIES!   He forgot to mention how many times the U.S. has poisoned others and murdered others through chemical and biological weapons.  He didn't mention the depleted uranium we have spread around Iraq.  The poisons that are sprayed in our air every day with chemtrails, poison of our water with fluoride and our food with GMO.
He didn't mention how Israel uses chemical weapons and murders people all the time.
What an absolute Bullshit speech!     ***See more at Sherrie Questioning All***


BnC said...

This sounds exactly like the GWB speech about why it was important to invade Iraq. This isn't looking good folks...

Anonymous said...

Who is it that has a choke hold on Obama and the entire treasonous Congress?

An attack on Syria is morally wrong and anyone who supports it in any way is equally guilty as our treasonous "leaders."

Anonymous said...

This article

Obama Has Decided That It Is Safer To Buy Congress Than To Go It Alone — Paul Craig Roberts

explains that it is the neocons who still are running this "president" and this Congress just as they owned and operated G.W.Bush and Congress.

It will be interesting to see if the administration tweeks its arguments for attacking Syria in the way that Roberts predicts. He knows well how our criminal government operates. I call it the
bribery-blackmail-extortion grid.