August 31, 2013

Scott Horton 2013.08.30

First interview Pepe Escobar

Globetrotting Asia Times journalist Pepe Escobar discusses his recent article “‘War on chemical weapons’: Obama traps himself into Syrian combat;” Secretary of State John Kerry’s “Colin Powell moment;” the folly of Obama’s “red line” on chemical weapon use in Syria; why incompetent National Security Advisor Susan Rice should have been fired long ago; and why Saudi Prince “Bandar Bush” may be responsible for supplying Syria’s rebels with chemical weapons. (Duration: 31:54 — 7.3MB)

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Second interview Patrick Buchanan

Patrick Buchanan, author of Churchill, Hitler, and “The Unnecessary War,” discusses House Speaker John Boehner’s opportunity to “Stop Our Rogue President” from starting an undeclared war in Syria; why Congress has gradually ceded power to the Judicial and Executive branches of government; and how a “Nixon goes to China” approach could succeed in reaching an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. (Duration: 22:27 — 5.1MB)

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