September 05, 2013

10 Weirdest Fundamentalist Christian Conspiracy Theories

Totally Hat-stand!!
For the Christian right, having a “faith-based” worldview extends far beyond claims about demons and angels. Unsurprisingly, the world of fundamentalist Christians is absolutely crawling with conspiracy theories, urban legends, and just plain bizarre beliefs about how the world works. Here’s a list of 10 of the weirder ones are currently in circulation.  (alternet)

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Christopher Marlowe said...

Most of the stuff on Alternet is pure liberal shite, and this article did not disappoint. They are trying to hold out fundies as being wicked and stupid (perhaps), while defending faggotry, abortion, and Obimbo. Another false opposition is being presented: I don't want to be a stupid fundie, so I must support this other stupid trash.

Also, I used to believe in evolution, but I think it is another Jewish fairy tale.