September 05, 2013

Tax dollars for war means even less to spend at home, warn peace activists

More protesters needed!
Over the years, cable TV and internet newscasts have shown images of war-torn campaigns as men, women and children buckle under shock and awe campaigns waged by the U.S. military and her allies. But often lacking is portrayal of the damage America’s wars cause to citizens in her own backyard.
The drumbeats to war have again started with the president’s declaration of plans to strike Syria militarily for alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians—claims which have been disputed in many quarters.
“It’s going to mean what war always means to the American people. It’s going to mean that while the politicians are telling us that the country’s broke and we have to cut public schools, we have to cut social services, and access to health care and so forth, that billions and billions and billions of our tax dollars are going to be thrown away in the form of Cruise missiles and high powered missiles launched to a country against people that we have no reason to be fighting.  (

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