December 23, 2013

Clint Richardson - Common Core, Agenda 21, And Global Privatization

Finally finished editing my lecture and power point presentation about the grand scheme of the international and private entities behind the Common Core Standards. Please share and repost as you see fit. No copyright and no permission needed from me.

Common Core Statndards are not only in schools, but are now standard in the military, FBI, CIA, and most other government agencies.

This Power Point lecture was given in November, 2013 at the Utah County Fairgrounds by Clint Richardson. Special thanks to Linda Oberhansley for organizing the event.

Other research on Common Core by Clint

CORE: Making Children Stupider Around The World   
United States And Its Military Now Rotten To The CORE

1 comment:

wanda said...

I'm am glad you posted this.

This kind of information needs to be put into as many minds as possible. We don't have any State government that can or will override the Federal criminals... they are all criminal now, right on down to the judicial and police and fire forces.

We are well and truly screwed until people understand the nature of how bad things really are.