January 21, 2014

Healing our world with Mary Tocco 1.18.2014

 Healing Our World is dedicated to bringing natural health solutions forward to help improve, empower and encourage people to embrace natural healthcare. Mary interviews authors, researchers, physicians and activists who are working to make the world a better place. She highlights products and solutions that are proven effective and safe in helping to regain health.
The Organic Guru Lynette Pate joins Mary. Author of "fuel for the body". 
I listened to this and found that the ladys rail on vaccinations and the medical industry. GMO has been around since 1964, Lynette claims her first born child was affected by these gmo's.As well as many of her family members


I get the impression Mary is a J.A.P .. not sure why...


Mami said...

It's hard to focus on what Mary's saying, due to the fact that I'm a dog and from looking at her picture all I can focus on is her tits. She's got great cleavage and I'm a sucker for blonds.

Mami said...

Now what was she talking about, again?