January 21, 2014

The Kevin Barrett Show 2014.01.21

Paul Topete of Poker Face "pushes free speech to 11"

Illuminati rock bands like Spinal Tap love to "push it to 11." But my favorite rock star, Paul Topete of Poker Face, pushes in-your-face political incorrectness way past 11! If it weren't for another good friend & philosophical/musical genius - a certain Gilad Atzmon, who says it's okay to use the J-word even with negative connotations attached - I would find some of Paul's statements...er...in questionable taste... even by the standards of Truth Jihad Radio! But since we're running a free speech truth jihad here, we're going to test the limits of propriety as set by the FCC-ADL-JDL and see if we can get away with letting Paul vent. If they decide to yank our license, we'll just say we didn't know we had one.

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