Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Visibility 9-11 with Kevin Ryan May 14 2010

Kevin Ryan lost his job due to the pursuit of truth and justice for the victims of the 9/11 attacks and has dedicated his life to discovering what happened on that dreadful day and will not be stopped until justice is done.Highlights include Kevin’s work on discovering who had access to the Towers, his recent correspondence with 9/11 Commission Co-Chairman Lee Hamilton and we also ask Kevin, “who did 9/11?”
 I know many of you have heard this stuff, but for some new folks it may create thought processes. What interested me was the part when they talked about "who"  Enjoy and let me know what you think. lol at 47 minutes 30 seconds. RJ



RJ said...

Enjoy the hysterical comedy at 55 minutes. haha

Scott said...

Hah, what a bunch of shills and damned liars. Just unbelievable that they have been in this game this long and still haven't a clue. Silverstein was "trying to tell us what happened" LMAO! This is just sickening. explains it all.

Scott said...

I'm still listening to this crap. All this is is regurgitated Alex Jone$ nonsense. "Bush hate the joos". lmao, did he forget how many jooooooooos were in Bush's administration? It's back to chasing ghosts...scumbags pretending to be know it alls...

Anonymous said...

Kevin Ryan said we couldn't prove that bin Laden wasn't behind 9/11. What kind of ridiculous statement is that? It's like saying we can't prove that a tea pot isn't orbiting the sun.

We saw a guy who looked like the other ones they said was bin Laden deny that he had anything to do with 9/11, and we saw him gaunt and sick and then we had a fat bin Laden saying he did do it, and an assortment of other bin Ladens popping up at convenient times.

He rightly pointed out that foreknowledge doesn't mean participation, but despite the efforts of himself and David Ray Griffin to make the Israelis look relatively or totally blameless, the Dancing Israelis definitely were participating in the event, since they were caught with bomb residue and dressed as Arabs and high-fiving each other, which made them participants in the 9/11 deception operation.

Keep in mind that Kevin Ryan was a guest on Jewish-Zionist controlled Coast to Coast AM on August 31, 2013 where he predictably pointed his finger to all non-Jewish individuals, like Bush, Cheney, Louis Freeh, George Tenet and the country of the United Arab Emirates!

"Counter-terrorism czar Richard Clarke had a relationship with the United Arab Emirates, a country that likely funded the 9/11 operation, Ryan disclosed. "If it wasn't for our protection of the United Arab Emirates, 9/11 would never have happened," he said."

Here is a summary of the important points I heard:

54m - Indirect reference to those blaming Jews when he refers to looking at the evidence of what happened and said it's not going to be my favourite ethnic group just happens to be all my problems
54m - Says Muslims didn't do it, Jews didn't do it and Christians didn't do it because Muslims don't kill innocents, Jews don't lie and Christians don't kill
55m - Says it's an international criminal consortium behind it, they don't have anything to do with a specific religion
58m - Said the Bushes don't even like Jewish people

Scott said...

Nice comments FauxCapitalist.

"Says Muslims didn't do it, Jews didn't do it and Christians didn't do it because Muslims don't kill innocents, Jews don't lie and Christians don't kill"

I almost lost my lunch when I heard that heap of crap. I'm telling you they have to be shills, have not read up on anything jooo related or they are plain stupid. Most of these 'truthers' are evasive when it comes to Israel. I wished they would get out of the way as they serve no useful purpose by omitting huge pieces of truth.

Christopher Marlowe said...

Very sad to hear such chicksh*t drivel. Anyone who can't see that israel did it, [all the proof in the world] has not been paying attention.

Is Ryan a shill?
Is he just incredibly cowardly?
Or is this the natural result of watching too much television, and getting one's brain stuck by cognitive dissonance?

Aleksa said...

Ken Horst

Just as same as your SH JF the smoke machine lover!

No difference between this idiot and JF!