March 19, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.03.19

Today: Dr. David Duke talks about his former political opponent Edwin Edwards and the race for governor when the Zio media said "Vote for the crook (Edwards), It's important" One more example that in the Jewish supremacy over the media and politics the most important thing is not whether a candidate will rob the state and millions of its citizens blind, but whether or not the candidate will be a servant to the Zionists. Also discussed is some of the history of the Protocols and why its authorship is not important but the ideas and accurate information in it that are of supreme importance. He quotes from peacemaker Johan Galtung recommending that people read the Protocols and he gives a power example of the Protocols predicting the Zio controlled FED and also the leading "Elder of Zion" in the 20th Century, Israeli founder, Ben Gurion, confirming his vision of Jewish world domination. Dr. Slattery adds his commentary to a really great show that should be shared all over the world.

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