March 19, 2014

Special Episode of Circus Maximus with Nick 2014.03.19

Tonight. Nick from Circus Maximus is filling in. He will be joined by Deanna Spingola host of Spingola Speaks. Deanna’s show airs Tuesdays on AFP and Sundays on RBN. We will be mainly discussing her newest book regarding the Blackstone Memorial (W.E. Blackstone) and breaking down exactly what the implications were from that.

Christian Zionism will be the main focus tonight. We will touch on subjects like British Israelism and quite possibly the New World Religion, the Bahai Faith. Both Nick and Deanna are Chicago inhabitants and understand that the Jewish problem is in our own backyard.

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Aleksa said...

Good show BnC!Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I guess the feds can take a day off since censorship is alive and well at Mami's.

zapoper said...

This is a three hour show but all you fucking trolls can yap about is the 15 minutes that Sandy Hook was mentioned. This thread is closed. I've got other things to do.