March 19, 2014

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2014.03.19

The New York Federal Reserve: Controlling the Dollar and the World

-Andy breaks down all the moving parts in the Ukraine situation, including:
Russia selling U.S. debt
Ukrainian gold was one of the first things to take a flight out
Sanctions and taking Russia off of the SWIFT system
The BRICS Nations and where do go from here
-The difference between a local and international currency is stark
-The origin of the petro dollar at Bretton Woods
-The Federal Reserve Bank of NY is not audited and pays no Federal Income Tax
-Why is former VP Dick Cheney talking about a possible EMP through atmospheric nuclear explosion?
-The Tesla auto story
-China’s 1.5 Billion people will take some time becoming authentic consumers like us
-The significance of the Dodd-Frank Bill and “Safe as Money in the bank”
-China’s moves looks as if they want the Yuan to take on the dollar with a possible Gold backed currency
-Check out the tax increases for 2014. Wow!
-What makes gold and silver have value?
-What would catapult gold and silver in big, big gains?
-The COMEX paper/physical thing is looking grim, unless one owns gold
-What is an IMF SDR and does it matter to the dollar

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