April 09, 2014

Cyber Pearl Harbor? Cyber 9/11? Watch video to see who is being set up to take the blame.

No mention of the Israeli, and USA created Stuxnet cyber attacks on Iran or the NSA internet kill-switch and computer back-doors built into devices and operating systems. Is this guy a jew?


mrchasesays said...


Christopher Marlowe said...

Gee, I always thought that the collapse in 2008 was caused by swej stealing money hand-over-fist. But now I know it was the Russians. I'm so glad that the government hired yet another wej to blame everything on the current enemy of israhell.

Unknown said...

Here we go with the whole cold war- the -russians-want-to-git-us bullshit aaaallll over again.
I guess the Iranian/ N. Korean bogeyman wasn't effective enough, so blame the Russians and quote prepper sites.
If a cunt like this says store food/water, you know the noose is tightening.
I wonder if he sells water filters and iodine as well as books.

Dark Age Fire said...

yes, Mr. America, go back to sleep, you can make money on cyber attacks and collapsing currency and nuclear war and plague. Meanwhile your hostile elite leaders are stealing the nation blind while inviting the third world into your living room. Diversity is a code-word for the planned White genocide of White people in all White countries.