April 09, 2014

Sandy Hook Debate: CW Wade vs. Wolfgang Halbig

Dave Gahary moderates a debate* between CW Wade and Wolfgang Halbig.
For two hours, CW Wade takes on Wolfgang Halbig’s “SIXTEEN QUESTIONS THAT DEMAND THE TRUTH,” as it relates to the controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event of December 14, 2012.
*The debate followed this format:
Each participant will be asked to give an opening statement to summarize their position.
The moderator will ask questions to each participant where they will have no more than five minutes to present their argument and evidence. If less than the allotted time is used, it will be set aside for a less structured discussion towards the end. At the end of the debate, each participant will have no more than five minutes for their closing statement. Personal or unnecessary attacks will be met with the mute button.          Debate-page



Anonymous said...

No comments allowed lol (or maybe they will be)

Anonymous said...

Please go to this site for posts on the anomalies of Sandy Hook:


Beep said...

Funny how Fetzer's hit squad always call in to these shows that are critical of Halbig. The same lot called into Keith Johnson's show on Halbig a few weeks ago.

Nick Dean said...


what about the Boston Marathon bombings?

I can see that sensible people could find much to convince them that at Boston everything was faked and no-one died (myself included), and how that might lead to them jumping to assumptions when anomalies are observed in other major crime-news-entertainment events as did certainly happen at Sandy Hook (whatever the cause for those anomalies).

If you feel like Michael Collins Piper that Boston was definitely really bombed and there definitely were real casualties, I think you need to look again at the evidence, perhaps beginning with Dave McGowan's photo series.

But if you believe or are open to the idea that Boston was faked, I think you need to be much more tolerant of those who feel Sandy Hook was also staged, and rather than waste time bitching about them, go spread the word about Boston.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for bringing up Boston, because an irony of Deanna asserting that Sandy Hook took place in order to distract people from the Boston Marathon bombings, is that she and others have since been putting so much focus on Sandy Hook and almost nothing on Boston.

And I am glad you raised MCP's position on Boston, because not only does he think there were no crisis actors (including Jeff Bauman), he even went out of his way to attack those questioning the official story, calling them "wheelchair conspiracy theorists."

His repeated behaviour was grossly negligent, at best, since the middle of 2013, on several of his shows and interviews.

As for Jeff Bauman, here's what a 35-year orthopedic surgeon had to say.


Anonymous said...

Correction: I meant she asserted that the Boston Marathon bombings took place to distract people from Sandy Hook. My bad. But what was there to distract from, if it really was just Adam Lanza who killed 26 people, and if there were no crisis actors?

Pat Colo said...

I think the guy at 1m 02secs into this pre-Boston "amputee actors" JSM news segment, is either "Jeff Bauman", and/or he's the (different?) actor they rolled out at the NHL hockey game just a few weeks later:

On this Halbig/Wade podcast, it was telling how Wade liked to repeat the word "evidence..", to give the false impression that he's a real stickler for hard evidence. But then what's all the precious "evidence" he cites? The kosher S.Hoax REPORTS... lol; coz when it comes to real evidence outside of djooz' convoluted S.Hoax reports, there IS NO HARD EVIDENCE of djooz' official narrative! And plenty of evidence debunking it! I guess Wade's disinfo handbook asserts that (most of) the audience wouldn't notice this... advising to just keep repeating that buzzword, to offset his lack of any real evidence to support his (proclaimed) S.Hoax belief!

Christopher Marlowe said...

I don't think that Wade is a shill. He seems to be genuine.

Unfortunately, Wade seems like a genuine retard. On the very first point, Wade asks Halbig what evidence he has that Sandy Hoax wasn't real. Halbig says that there the dispatcher reports have to be documented, and that the initial "Call for Service Report" said it was only a minor emergency. Halbig says that none of th CFS reports ever mention shots fired.

Then retard Wade says that Halbig is hanging his case on one point. Wade asked for evidence, and then when he couldn't refute it, and refused to even reference the CFS report, he says that you have to see the big picture by looking at the 9 books of "evidence".

The highly-trained SWAT team scoured the school for 4 hours, but they failed to find the nurse and the officer worker who were hiding in the closet. Retard Wade says that this is not evidence of a hoax, but rather just a bad search.

What an obstinate retard Wade is. Of course it is EVIDENCE of a hoax. Does he think that SWAT teams are never told that, when they are searching through a school, looking for a mad killer with several guns, that they shouldn't perhaps open a closet or two? And if the SWAT team didn't open a closet and check to see if there wasn't someone inside who could kill more people, or perhaps even escape, retard Wade doesn't think that is EVIDENCE that the SWAT team didn't actually search the school? Or perhaps it is EVIDENCE that the nurse didn't really hide in a closet for 4 hours? Of course it is evidence of a hoax because it contradicts what we would have seen if a real shooting had occurred.

Retard Wade thinks that the port-a-potties were ordered before the command center was even set up.

Just after 1 hour, Halbig asks RW what a blue tarp is for. RW doesn't know. H says it is for burn victims. Why would you have a blue tarp out for burn victims at a mass shooting? RW says it's because they brought out their little "toy kit" "They pull out their toy kit and they do their response"!?!? --> Is that some serious cognitive dissonance going on, or what? I'm not sure that I would refer to that as a "toy kit" if I believed it was a really a mass shooting, where 26 people had been brutally murdered.

Halbig asked why the brand new video monitoring system did not record anything. RW couldn't answer this, but then says this is not evidence of a hoax. I don't think RW knows what "evidence" means.

First RW says that the trauma helicopter didn't come to the scene because it was an active shooter and everyone was dead. A little while later, RW says that two bleeding kids were CARRIED 1/4 mile to the fire house, and then rushed to the hospital. Halbig asks why the helicopter didn't come to the firehouse. And RW says because everybody ELSE was dead. RW can't spot where he contradicted himself. Everybody wasn't dead because two kids were still supposedly alive. A trauma helicopter couldn't come to the fire house. Why?

Unknown said...

Hi PatColo and Christopher Marlowe. Your fellow jew Cass is starting to lose faith in you as you guys are really starting to slip and sounding quite desperate and I fear he will soon be cutting you off from the shekels. Mission Sandy Hook Nose is becoming quite a disaster. Oy vey!

Pat Colo said...

Constip8ionalist: that you and all your socks only have the ad-hom/name-calling/ridicule gambit to work with in seeking to deter people from questioning your sacred joo-SHoax-story, speaks volumes... quite desperate sounding, indeed! lol


Unknown said...

Was the mass stabbing by a 16 year old at the school in Pennsylvania today also a hoax? These 'sandy hook was hoax' believers are in for a real treat when the American society slips down another rung on the ladder of demoralization and deterioration and the real wackos doped up on big pharma's drugs start coming out the wood work daily. We'll see how much of a hoax it is then...

Nick Dean said...

I think 'negligent' is a good word for Piper's conduct over Boston and Sandy Hook, Faux Capitalist.

He's entitled to have an uninformed opinion, obviously, but then to write a book partly about the events and attack other researchers without first studying the events is clearly negligent of good journalist practice and clear thinking. And it was clear to me on reading his FALSE FLAG book that on Boston at least he is totally uninformed.

I respect the way you didn't leap to the conclusion he's crooked on this account, just negligent, Jason. We all have places we just won't go, and they're different and unique for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Horst 100%, and can say that Mr. Marlowe is NOT a shill, but is simply saying what he believes, whether I, and others, agree or not.