April 09, 2014

Once POLITICAL CORRECTNESS Is Gone and Truth Prevails, jew Panic Is Detected

Six minutes segment from a Q&A session at the Washington Report's AIPAC Conference March 2014. You can easily detect the panic on stage once the Zionist Holocaust narrative is challenged by a knowledgeable lady. As far as Justin Raimondo & Philip Weiss are concerned, it is all about the primacy of Jewish suffering.
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Shabigus said...


Unknown said...


The jew cries out while he strikes you.

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foon1e said...

If you can actually *hear* them,I think they need to Up your Dosage Joe :)

Christopher Marlowe said...

This lady posed a very thoughtful question: she used examples that the panel had already raised, and showed that the holohoax was being presented unchallenged in the schools as a quasi-religion.

The first two responses were very fair and thoughtful. And then faggot Justin Raimundo interrupted Blankfort, "Excuse me, but what range of opinion could you possibly have about the holocaust?"--> That is the Jewish line that they use to suppress free speech. i.e. 'Your thoughts are so wrong that you do not have a right to express them.'

Oh, and then the priceless: "The West owes a debt to the Jews." Yes. A debt. It must be a pound of flesh, compounded daily.

Anonymous said...

The first two responses were very fair and thoughtful

Fair and thoughtful???

How can any opinion/comment be 'fair and thoughtful' when it is based on a total outright fabrication???

Marlowe.......you are going soft.

On another thought --

Ok....we will hold back on holocaust education. But we will EXCELERATE education on the native American indian genocide.

Whitey bad.....whitey bad.....

Either way they fuck us.

We are in trouble folks.

I like 'hope' but.................I think it is time to be selfish. Hunker down, make as much money as you can. Protect your family. Care for only your family and a few choice neighbors. This shit is only going to get worse.

The lady has tremendous courage. May her reward in eternity be full.

Anonymous said...

Justin Raimondo has been obfuscating FOR YEARS!!!, and you people seem shocked that he is STILL doing this shit?



NB: I still remember when it was the "Bush-Cheney/neo-con cabal", and not the zionist-cabal as it is, doing this shit to the human-race, being promoted by this guy.

Pat Colo said...

German Youth Suffering Holocaust Fatigue

A report issued by a German Foreign Ministry delegation that deals with teaching the lessons of the Holocaust to German school children said that many children in the country are becoming weary of this subject, even to the point that they may be suffering from what is now being called “Holocaust fatigue”.