April 26, 2014

Mike Sledge Radio 2014.04.25

The Bolshevik Showdown

Tonight on High Noon Mike Sledge will destroy the Bolshevik fake "White Nationalists" and leave them grasping for straws. Sledge will break down the fraud of all racialist movements proving the fact that they are all really communist fronts. Sledge will go back to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and to the words of Trotsky to prove that racist is in fact a communist construct. Mike Sledge will also connect the dots on how the Bolsheviks of the past are now masquerading as neo "white nationalists" indoctrinating the vulnerable into false memes and various commie brainwashing techniques. So enter into the saloon and drink your whiskey, because this High Noon will not end up at the OK corral!!!

Sledge Radio



Anonymous said...

This isn't the Sledge show.

wanda said...

Here's the correct link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/unstabledrunk/2014/04/26/high-noon-w-mike-sledge-the-bolshevik-showdown-1

Tim said...

when will sledge and aj go to israel? they like comedians lol

zapoper said...

Sorry guys. I just let myself get stupid for one minute. LOL

Unknown said...

Has sledge stopped saying the word jew? What's up with that?

1776blues said...

Is it just me or is Mike dealing in a lot of generalities? Even if he's correct the comparisons of communist infiltration he claims now plagues the right is only in its infancy stage as the infiltration of the left began decades ago. The left has the media and had it at least since the 60's while the WN's do not have the media.

Now, who are these people leading the movement (he doesn't name names) Mike speaks of that are praising North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China? Most hosts I listen to are very skeptical of these nation's leaders. I've heard callers praising Putin and some degree Iran's President. I have heard two hosts, Glenn and Barrett, give praises. But I have not such praises that rise to the level Mike claims.

This show sounds more like Mike is throwing a bunch of shit on the wall to see how much sticks rather than producing evidence that supports his theory. And without evidence his nearly 2 hour rant that doesn't prove anything.

Forget about Mike and AJ going to Israel, I'm waiting for him to join up with Veronica and ZCF. His show sounded more like; sit down and shut up white man the past several hundred year Jewish war on whites was and merely your imagination. I'm tired now, more later but see below.

About the housing bubble leading to the 2008 recession; if I recall Catherine Austin Fitts stated that the Clinton administration started the housing bubble was engineered by the Clinton Administration and perpetuated by the Bush Administration aka the subprime debacle that caused the 2008 crash.

From what I recall, the right wingers were blaming the lendees and the left blamed the lenders, however Fitts stated the people in the know didn't care.