April 26, 2014

The Blitzkrieg Broadcast with Kyle Hunt 2014.04.25

The Rough Road to Remoralization

Kyle announces that he will be taking a vacation from radio and explains the reasons why. Callers encouraged.

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Tim said...

didn't think you listened to these shows lindsey.

thought it was just glenn diet for you.

Anonymous said...

And what mission would that be Lindsey?

Anonymous said...

41 minutes in, Kyle admits the White Man March was a "publicity stunt."

48 minutes in, Kyle suggests the Glenn Miller incident was, in part, intended to discredit the White Man March (does anyone believe that?)

Unknown said...

"And what mission would that be Lindsey?"

I'd also like a proper answer on that too Lindsey but I doubt one will come. I see you throw around little comments like that all the time on here but you NEVER back it up with anything. If you (think you) know something isn't it about time you made your point instead of making yourself look silly with this ongoing tirade of seemingly baseless little remarks? Btw, I'd say this to anyone making similar repeated comments about anyone else also.

Lugh said...

In the same show he supported Cobb, who was friends with Miller.
It's high time we paid attention to the lunatics, phonies and geeks in our movement.
Good riddance to this used car salesman and preppy twit Kyle Hunt.

Anonymous said...

Look at what came of "The White Man March", and how it did NOTHING but dis-credit anything positive that was "intended" by those who were legitimately trying to bring attention to the double-standard of race issues, and look at the massive amount of in-fighting and destruction of relationships within so many "personalities". Having people dressed-up like KKK members running-around making complete asses of themselves, and people posting-up signs here and there is NOT what I, or anyone else I know, would consider successful, so why is Kyle "taking a vacation" from what he started, himself, in his efforts over the past few months to a year?

What I want to know is this: Do you, Kyle, believe that you succeeded in making a positive difference with your efforts, and in-that-vein, are you satisfied-enough to "take a vacation"?

As I said, mission accomplished? Whatever else you folks may read-into that question says A LOT about what you are most likely thinking personally and/or sub-consciously, doesn't it?


ConCenStasi said...

raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr!!!!!!! kphhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssssssssssssssssss!

PS: interesting...todays puzzle word for the autobot was "oeleyty conspirators"

Unknown said...

Another twoofer bites the dust due to infighting.


It wasn't duh joooooos!

It was yourselves.

Anonymous said...


The President of Western Washington University said this --

"...If we are as white in ten years as we are today, Western will have failed as a university...”

Now.....because of this statement, there were demonstrations in which people held up signs which read, "diversity = white genocide"

Where do you think this idea came from? Kyle was partly responsible.

Can you describe something Kyle did or said PERSONALLY which would label him as an enemy to Truth?

I'm not talking about Renegade Broadcasting or any of the followers or any of the other hosts. I'm talking about Kyle personally.

I'm not necessarily endorsing Kyle. I don't know him personally. But aren't we to judge a person on their own merits?

What has Kyle done which has made him an enemy?

On a side note............

Lindsey - do you agree that diversity is equal to the genocide of white people in white nations?


Tim said...

@ faux yes it was about publicity to the white man cause and not about marching ( that has been done in the past already without much results), and publicity it generated.

soo much so that even the left wing rollerblader lindsey now talks about: " trying to bring attention to the double-standard of race issues"

1 year ago anyone trying to bring attention to that was labelled by mark glenn as 'hatefull white trailer trash to be ostracized'.

regarding glenn miller i wouldn;t put it past the jews to use this known fbi snitch as an agent to discredit white causes such as the wmm or other.

@ lindey the jew enemy had kike klan members dress up as an attempt to discredit wmm, pinnining that on kyle is simply asinine,
then you continue to lumb that in with the people holding up signs to bring awareness to the double standard on race issues, you just admitted to earlier, and tryig ti smear it that way and call it a failure lol stop using glennstein logic lol.

for the rest look linds lots of people have called you an agent in the past, whereas i think you have too much drama hormones lololol.

if you want to hand out flyers hand these out or copy paste your own. http://tightrope.cc/catalog/pamphlets-100-truth-about-the-jewish-talmud-pamphlets-p-108.html

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that the President of Western Washington received death threats as a result of his comments.

I'm NOT endorsing death threats.

however..........this is the kind of fear that needs to be instilled in those who will choose sides with the jew.

So the slogans and signs and people being generally pissed off worked!

There are no consequences to the actions of these traitors. How can Thomm Hartmann be so confident living in Portland Oregon spouting his Cultural Marxism???

How can Mark Glenn feel so safe in North Idaho ragging on the white man like he does???


Thank God some of us are waking up.

As for you Lindsey......

Are you so confident that the non-white races, which you love so much, are going to be as good to you, as the white race has been to them in 40-50 years when the white man is non-existent and impotent?????

sailingfreedom said...

lindsey is glenn