April 26, 2014

Texe Marrs Podcast 4/17/2014 - New World Order Destabilization Plan—War, Torture, and Death Without End

Texe Marrs’ Special Report on the secret U.S.-Israel plan to fund Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups and use military and diplomatic resources throughout the Middle East and the world to topple existing governments and bring in regimes of murder and destabilization. This evil plan has been implemented so far in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, Egypt, and Syria. Iran and Ukraine are new targets. Perpetual conflict is the goal, which enables Israeli control of the Middle East and its oil resources.           TexeMarrs.com



Anonymous said...

When are people FINALLY going to face the reality?

The human-race is being assailed by demons walking-on-two-legs. Want to know what made me finally realize this? DEPLETED-URANIUM--DU. What human-being in its right-mind would DARE use a wide-spread radio-active poison, and then knowingly wear clothes poisoned by it, ride in vehicles poisoned by it, drink water poisoned by it, eat food poisoned by it, and breathe-in air poisoned by it?

NONE, that is how many; however, we all know that "depleted"-uranium has been WIDELY used in these wars/conflicts, poisoning EVERYTHING that it touches, and NO CLEAN-UP EFFORT IS EVER UNDER-TAKEN WHEN AND WHERE IT IS USED IN-CONFLICT.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is NOT human behavior, but the behavior of something else, entirely.

REFUTE THIS, and offer a better explanation for this liter in-sanity. Offer ANY explanation that satisfactorily explains the use of this poison, DECADES after knowing what it does to anything and everything that it touches.

I am not even getting into how these creatures have spent MILLENNIA--thousands of years--to achieve all that they have achieved, now, and are truly on-the-cusp to absolute victory and our complete subjugation/en-slavement due to technology and brain-washing...

No matter how "crazy" something may sound, there is ALWAYS the possibility that this is what is happening, and has been happening, and unless and until I see any proof that this is not the case, I will continue to believe that demons walking-on-two-legs are doing what they are doing, because this behavior is NOT HUMAN, and you all DO agree with that, at least.


Christian said...

Agree! Thank you!