May 11, 2014

12 Reasons Why Israel is Our Enemy, a National Security Threat to America, Not a Friend.

Our alliance with Israel has caused the United States to be isolated on the world stage because of Israel lawlessness on the international stage. As a result, countries are rejecting the dollar because wars for Israel are designed  to get the countries back under the Federal Reserve Notes by bombing nations back into submission.
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Nick Dean said...

One fact alone tells us Israel cannot be a friend to any other state or nation: Israel is Jewish.

Anonymous said...

A 2011 article I wrote, fact checking Netanyahu's claim that "America has no better friend than Israel," where I show that Israel is an enemy of the U.S., and Canada is provably America's best friend.

phyllis66 said...

Wouldn't it be a giant twist of fate if a nuke posessed by Israel, accidentally went off and trashed Israel? Of course the slimy Zionists in this country and elsewhere within world goverments would certainly blame it on some Arab country no doubt. So, even if they nuke themselves, the world still loses!