May 11, 2014

Traitors in our Government Allegiance to Israel

There’s a fifth column in America.

A Trojan Horse within our laws. It’s composed of dual citizens and foreign nationals. Those people that hold loyalty to another country. Surprisingly, many of these dual citizens hold elected offices or are in “security sensitive” positions in America. This is not in the national interest of America.
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Nick Dean said...

Take 9/11, where the most common names cited as dual citizens include Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith and Zakheim.

There is no evidence these guys are dual citizens, they appear to be simply Americans.

I checked 9/11 Missing links, the Albert D. Pastore book, Hufschmid and Bollyn. None of these guys - although they focus on Jewish and Israeli involvement in 9/11, use the dual citizen charge.

I think it's a fudge, designed to shift attention away from Jews specifically and on to non-patriots.

The earliest example I can find of 9/11 truthers using the meme - as always with no evidence - is Sherman Skolnick and Lenny Bloom in a piece clearly designed to shift blame from Jews to British royals, the Bushes, Blair and others, but especially antisemites :

“[Bush] also toys with the idea of rebuking the numerous advisors surrounding him who have Jewish sounding surnames that may not be apart of that religion. Some are dual citizens, U.S./Israel.” (date: 7-29-2003)

If there was an earlier effort to shift attention from Jews to dual citizens I haven’t found it.

I go into the dual citizen myth with Fetzer here:

To sum up, there's no evidence for it: the Jews don't even need citizenship of Israel; if all these guys had citizenship of Israel it would actually make Israel and Jews look worse; the problem wouldn't be dual citizenship anyway - it's a problem of loyalty to what's best for Jews and worst for Whites ... and so on.

Nick Dean said...

I went into this question elsewhere,

"In response to similar claims made in another article at VT by Gordon Duff I asked,

'The claim is often made that many of these characters have dual citizenship, but I’ve never seen it backed up. Besides, what is the reason? Simply for being Jews these guys could reliably expect to find sanctuary in Israel should they be required to flee the US. No other obvious benefit obtains of dual citizenship, but there are obvious PR down-sides.'

"In further comments I elaborated on what may be happening here:

'Sometimes claims are promoted within the conspindustry that do not stand up to a basic fact-check, turning intelligent and resourceful people away from the truth as a whole when they find popular movement claims lacking. The Nazis burned the Reichstag in a false-flag operation … that kind of thing. I wonder if the ‘dual citizens’ claim is another example. Perhaps I’m wrong.

'... I do not know if the dual citizen claim we all hear so often is a crafted fiction. I only know that whenever I hear it I ask for some evidence and so far haven’t received any by reply. That makes me wonder if there is no foundation to the claim – and if there is not, then why the claim is so often made? If the dual citizen claim that we hear routinely from conspindustry writers and broadcasters is bogus and without any foundation whatsoever then its ubiquity suggests it was deliberately embedded into the standard ‘alternative’ debate lore and then kept alive by constant repetition.

'It could not happen except by design that so many people in the ‘truth’ movement believe something that’s apparently without foundation. Among a community dedicated to sceptical research such claims could only thrive owing to sustained efforts of people positioned at critical nodes to circulate and popularise these myths and turn them into concrete, unchallenged ‘facts’ through forceful repetition.

'I can think of at least two benefits to disseminating this kind of false claim. The first I outlined above: a significant proportion of the more intelligent and grounded readers/listeners will check out these claims for themselves and find them lacking an evidential basis. This alienates some of the smart and principled fraction that would prove most valuable to any real truth seeking endeavour. The second benefit accrues from the narrative content and message of the lie when others do believe it. In the case of the dual citizenship claim for example, the real problem – of Jews running American policy for Jewish interests, something that happens across the board including over domestic matters – would be obscured and the problem reframed as one of unwelcome Israeli influence over specific foreign policy issues. See for example wolf’s comments [in the thread at VT] and the general anti-Zionist but anti-anti-semitic tenor of this site [Veterans Today].'"

Anonymous said...

@Nick, You raise the important point that it is common in the alternative media for people to say that anyone who is Jewish is a dual citizen of Israel, and that is not true.

If the claim is that they are eligible dual citizens, then that is true.

Thanks for helping to clear up these common misconceptions in the alternative media.

Unknown said...

yeah thats interesting and all, but some of these people do come from families who were among the founders of israel so it would only make sense that they would have citizenship , i can see why some people would like to spin it as its only israelis that are the problem, not jews though, im not sure how effective this tacic really is though,

Nick Dean said...

Andrea, if you and I (persons 1 and 2) think Jews are a problem already, then someone saying. 'dual-citizen American-Israeli's were a problem on 9/11 and continue to be a problem,' it seems like weak beer. 'Well, duh!'

But to person 3, who has no clue about about Jews generally and the problems they cause as Jews - and not just in assistance of Israel, but also via other Jewish causes like White genocide, Muslim-genocide, centralization of wealth or culture-distortion - for those guys, and they're most of us, the dual citizens myth is a great excuse to pursue things no further: "Sure, there's evidence Jews were involved in 9/11 - but they were dual citizens, and 'not really Jews anyway,' according to Sherman Skolnick and so much of the conspindutry."

Similarly, for person 4, who hasn't even progressed so far as to question 9/11. He does not know Jews or Israelis or dual citizens are a problem at all, but is open to all viewpoints and will judge them all equally based on commonsense and rationality. When this fella hears about dual-citizens he looks into the matter with an open mind - he's exactly the smart and principled type truthers want to attract ...

What does he find?

No evidence at all that any of the accused perps behind 9/11 are dual-citizens. Only the assertion.

And when most of the lists of 'dual citizens behind 9/11' are simply lists of people with common Jewish names who worked in the Bush administration, but no known Israeli citizenship, plus people well known not to be even Jewish - like John Bolton, whom antisemites routinely confuse with Jews because Bolton etc. are so pro-Israel - then person 4 dismisses the 'dual-citizen' claim as so much antisemitic rubbish. Understandably.


Now I happen to think antisemitism is the smart and principled position, and that as just a part of smart and principled nationalism, so I have a dog in the fight, admittedly. But if anyone is able to disabuse me of my conviction that Jewish dual citizens weren't responsible for 9/11 and aren't any particular problem today, I'm principled enough to be persuaded by the evidence if it's brought forth.

phyllis66 said...

All the nonsense about dual citizenship of Jews is diversion from the truth! Stop the nonsense. Our government allowed only Israel/American dual citizenship in Congress. Enough said!