May 11, 2014

9 facts that prove the U S is behind Ukraine crisis
Who Controls America?


Anonymous said...

And Russia is not at all to blame?

Anonymous said...

Joel Skousen is the only prominent alternative media commentator who says they are partly to blame, and I agree with him.

He rightly points out that the U.S. agitators didn't have the power to make the Ukrainian troops return to their barracks instead of putting down the uprising, nor to make the council of deputies force out Yanukovych -- only Russia did.

Paul Craig Roberts is one of the biggest alternative media proponents pushing the narrative that "the West" is to blame and Russia is an innocent victim.

He will never even say Zionist, let alone Jews. This whole narrative of fascists in the Ukrainian uprising and government is a deliberate misdirection, obviously empowered by the Zionists.

Here is PCR's email: ( I invite others to contact him, as I have, about Skousen's point, which he is mistakenly overlooking or deliberately avoiding.

Anonymous said...

PCR is an agent so no one should not care about him at all. So I will not contact him.

BnC said...

PCR and Skousen are both members of the CNP (Council for National Policy)

Which is why you see both being regular guests on the Alex Jones show.