May 31, 2014

Alternative Saturday Cartoons 2014.05.31

For all you unfairly snippeted yanks out there!

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Unknown said...

Go ask the average idiot in the USA (who has had their genitals mutilated) where on their body they have the largest scar and most of these idiots do not even know that the scar circling their penis is probably the largest scar on their body (which is really the Mark of the Jew Beast that enslaved them and their brain dead parents long ago).

Only those under Jew mind control do such barbaric filth to their newborn babies.

Antigooglite said...

Some classics here, but enough of the global warming bull please.
The planet is not warming.
The sea levels are not rising.
CO2 does not and cannot cause warming.
The planet has been both colder and hotter in recorded human history.
There is nothing unusual or man made about the current climate.

Antigooglite said...

Oops forgot to mention, chemtrails and geo-engineering are very real.
How can the warmista's climate models be accurate until the effects of geoengineering are taken into account?
More and more I suspect that the whole "global warming" myth was created as cover for weather control programs that started around the same time the global warming hype started.