May 31, 2014

ELLIOT RODGER was Grandson to FAMED HOLOCAUST Photographer George Rodger

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A View from the Bog


dresdensurvivor said...

What do we see here? a lot of very thin dead people.How come their bodies are so skinny ?
because they died of typhus !! Germans too died of typhus, by the
tens of thousands....
So what does that have to do with holocaust ?
A Dictionary explains the word
"Holoaust": greek, a sacrificial offering that is wholly consumed by fire.
What has this to do with jews ???

dresdensurvivor said...

Who are those dead people that unfortunately died of thyphus?
Germans? Jews?

Unknown said...

oy veeey just another coincidence goyim , jews are not behind these hoaxes for gun control
good find del
, have you seen the video by amadlanza about this hassan guy who owned the IV deli, he was in a real estate deal with andrew fienberg,the owner of the boylston st business the rattlesnake bar and grille over that property , seems like feinbeg may have dropped the suit in a exchange for a favor maybe? like participating in the event at UCSB maybe?