May 31, 2014

Dresden Bombing Commemoration 2012 - Britain owes Germany an Apology (full)
Having had no need to be seduced into a war with Germany in the first place in September 1939, the British government then moved through three stages of self-inflicted and aggressive injustice under the bellicose Prime Minister Churchill.

1, In May-August 1940 - for, instead of pursuing peace offers from Germany, Churchill set out to incite total war, goading Germany into a wider air war by dropping the first bombs on German civilian areas.

2, From March 1942, by adopting the Lindemann Plan's deliberate targeting of German workers' homes - the so-called "de-housing" policy - rather than supposed industrial targets.

3, By 1944-45 during the last year (and even closing months) of war, mounting mass scale terror bombing of Germany when it was virtually defenseless, culminating in February 1945 with the gratuitous fire-bombing destruction of historic Dresden plus that 36 hours' long burnt alive mass holocausting of its civilians and Soviet-fleeing refugees. Thus an apology from Britain to Germany is due.
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Anonymous said...

Brits and Americans can always be counted on to do the wrong thing.

Seriously, rabbi speilberg writes our history now?

With jews, you lose.

dresdensurvivor said...

@Ron , thats because Brits and Americans are enslaved by those who control their Money systems,The Bank of England,
and The Federal Reserve. These @#$#@ are war profiteurs.

foon1e said...

War is tit for tat and escalation on Both sides.
Like all politically motivated pressure groups in the 21st century, those who call for "Apologies" for "War Crimes" always accentuate *their* own perceived suffering;whilst conveniently ignoring or suppressing their own cause's evil acts. No one denies that the Dresden Bombings were retaliatory in nature. That *IS* the nature of any human conflict: Events follow events because of the actions of one side-and the retaliatory behaviour of the other side in response.
I can just as easily say Germany owes Britain an apology for the Blitz on London - or the fire bombing of Coventry:Both events that took place *before* Dresden.
The only problem we have with that argument is that there effectively is NO "German Government in power who could issue such an apology. Just a Western Vassal Provisional Structure that administers the German people on behalf of the Jewish interests that provoked WW2 in the first place.
Arguing about events long past that can't be reversed is a waste of time and energy. Every interested party needs to focus on what is being done to them *TODAY* by the Jewish run Governments of the world. Get up off your fat,lazy,complacent arses and fight to defend your freedoms if you truly care about them. Otherwise,by whinging about this shit on the internet is metaphorically covering yourself with your own urine:You're just pissing into the wind.

Anonymous said...

The Brits planned the destruction soon before the war. They declared 1941 that they would have in any case started the terror and they would continue and do it by all possible force and the bombings would have in any case become harder and harder all the time. Everything was done for the destruction of the german cities and so it had to be in any case. If the germans would not have done anything they would do everything in any case. In the reality the Brits started the bombings and the germans did not responde it actually yet in 1940. They just started to bomb the military targets within the cities then as the retaliation.

The V-weapons was only a propaganda excuse after the war.

Why should the Germans apologize? They did not started the war. Blitzkrieg in Poland was not England's business at all.

foon1e said...

The brits "Planned it" before the war? really Rupertitty? Please, show us the evidence to support your assertion. I would be very interested to see any concrete proof of such planning. Especially as the British had to scramble to play catch-up to Germany's Luftwaffe' (Initially being outnumbered by a 10/1 Numerical superiority, due to Germany's aggressive rearmament program on the run upto ww2.) Not to mention the atrocities they committed in the Spanish Civil war with their Stuka squadrons against civilians.
The simple truth is: The politicians on both sides were working with the Jews in Banking and Industry. The Armies on Both sides were obeying the chain of Command. & the Jews made off with the loot by funding both sides. All your pissing and moaning three quarters of a century after the fact amounts to nothing except the sour grapes of a conquered people who - to this day - don't know how to get up off their knees and reclaim their dignity.

Anonymous said...

Of course the jews had a small army but the planes were designed. The same it was in the USA. Everything was ready, but they built the army quickly after the war had started. This is the case in these jewish democracies. Still the USA was the main guilty with the Brits.

Anonymous said...

Atrocities in the Spanish Civil War? I see You know nothiong about the history. The Germans did nothing illegal but accidentally some firebombs were dropped so that they did not hit the target but some wooden houses. Still the losses of the civilians were wery laight. Guernica is a very big hoax.

foon1e said...

I can see that there would be no point trying to continue this any further. Some people are just too invested in their own agendas to see straight.

Anonymous said...

England and the USA have often let others fight on their behalf. They have joined into the war later or backed others. Others have often bigger armies too.

Guernica came so quickly that the planes did not have time to change the firebombs away. They bombed the way and the bridge. They had difficulties to fly near the goal because of dangers. They had no intention to bomb the civilians. The pilots admitted that some bombs dropped into the housing area. There was a fire but it was not so large. In the worst case there were almost a hundred casualties but probably much less. The bolscheviks did more damage before they left the city.

Franco was the commander of all the planes and he was furioius because the bolscheviks made a huge case from the mistakes.

Unknown said...

@ Foon1e - Are you a dis-info agent or just really that badly misinformed?

The Luftwaffe had NO/ZERO/NATA/ZILCH long-range strategic bombing squadrons in May 1940 when the British began the plans for illegal bombing of German cities(first strike on the town of Freiburg August 10, 1940 with 53 civilian casualties including 20 children alleged at a park).

The British RAF had began focusing on Strategic Bomber Squadrons in the mid 30's in preparation for just such an atrocity/war and it was the Germans that had to play 'catch up' as they didn't even have a design for a long-range bomber in August 1940.

"Blitzkrieg" is rapid armor and infantry advances supported by close-combat fighter and dive-bomber aircraft and mobile artillery batteries - it is NOT long range strategic bombing of civilian cities.

According to Mr. James Molony Spaight, CBE, Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry, on page 74 of his book "Bombing Vindicated" -

"...It was we who started the strategic offensive, we have shrunk from giving our great decision of May, 1940, the publicity which it deserved. That, surely, was a mistake. It was a splendid decision. It was as heroic, as self-sacrificing, as Russia's decision to adopt her policy of 'scorched earth'.

Mr. J.M Spaight also stated in another book "The Splendid Decision" -

"Adolf Hitler only undertook the bombing of British civilian targets reluctantly after the RAF had commenced bombing German civilian targets... It gave Coventry, Birmingham, Sheffield and Southampton the right to look Kiev, Kharkov, Stalingrad and Sebastopol in the face. Our Soviet allies would have been less critical of our inactivity if they had understood what we had done... Hitler would have been willing at any time to stop the slaughter. Hitler was genuinely anxious to reach with Britain an agreement confining the action of aircraft to battle zones."

Hitler's and German policy was that the Luftwaffe only engaged in close-combat support using fighters and dive-bombers to assist ground-forces in house-to-house urban combat - 100% legal under international law and one of the things Hitler is best known for(Blitzkrieg).

The "strategic bombing" of civilian, industrial and economic infrastructure in cities hundreds of miles behind the 'front lines' of the war was initiated by the British/Allies and was 100% a violation of international law(then and now), and arguably the greatest war-crime ever committed!

And a "splendid decision" as well!

Infographic on damages -

"The raids which were made on London were very small indeed compared with the raids which were made on the German towns."

~ R.A.F. Squadron Leader Ernest Kinghorn -- the British Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth (1945 - 1951), who was an Intelligence Officer for the Royal Air Force during WWII and immediately after a Staff Officer of the Allied Control Council, the governing body of Occupied Germany.

His statements to the Houses of Parliament on March 22, 1948 -


foon1e said...

@unknown. After researching your statements, i can confirm the existence of the Spaight Book from 1948.
I can also now draw your attention to the many bombing atrocities Germany committed at the beginning of ww2 -
The Germans bombed the Basque town of Guernica in April 1937 during the Spanish Civil war,other than that the germans bombed, Warsaw, (Poland) Antwerp, (Belgium) Amsterdam (Holland) and a long list of other European towns and cities, well before the British Started Bombing any German targets. They bombed Warsaw, Wieluri, Frampol, and Kamieniec in Poland killing thousands of Polish civilians in September 1939, they bombed 14 cities in France, including Lyons, between May 9 and 10, 1940 and their bombing of Rotterdam on May 14, 1940 resulted in the deaths of 30,000 Dutch civilians --- we have not even bothered to mention their attack on Belgrade ---all in direct violation of the Hague Convention concerning the targeting of civilians—British raids on German targets with civilians were in retaliation after the bombing of Scapa Flow in Britain on March 16, 1940 and on London on August 24, 1940. All a matter of record, and all before Germany and Britain started bombing eachother.
Germany didn't *need* long range Bombers, because they could hit right across to the West siude of England by taking off from airfirlds in France.
So, sadly yet again we have an example of some "Unknown" disingenuous Troll trying to stir up the usual biased and rabidly Tutonic bullshit that a lot of the more unbalanced visitors here tend to spout off.
As i said in an earlier reply, the tit for tat nature of escalating attacks was always bound to lead to civilian casualties on *both* sides. No one came out of that conflict with any genuine honour or clean conscience.
Don't try to portray Germany as blameless though - as the long litany of aerial bombings before WW2 started properly clearly shows otherwise.

Unknown said...

You are the one spewing dis-info bullshit Foon1e - as I stated INTERNATIONAL LAW is 100% clear on the legality of close-combat support bombing in urban areas, despicable as any form of urban warfare is, as carried out by the Germans prior to May, 1940.

The British "strategic bombing" was then and still remains 100% a violation of international law as it was the stated, purposeful targeting of "civilian infrastructure" including civilian residential neighborhoods with the stated intention of making life hard for civilians to destroy morale - aka the U.S.A's current definition of terrorism.

I don't approve of war period and feel it is a crime regardless of existing legal standards governing it, but by those internationally recognized standards mostly still in place today the British/Allied "strategic bombing" was a war crime while Germany's actions were legal.


Unknown said...

Note that Foon1e uses a standard disinformation technique to obfuscate the issue being addressed.

The issue is the bombing technique known as "strategic bombing" which targeted civilian infrastructure far away from the battle-fields and was a violation of international law(and a "splendid decision").

Nobody disputes that the Germans "started bombing first" using LEGAL close-combat support bombing and strafing to support ground forces in coordinated strikes prior to May/August 1940.

The "the Germans started bombing first" ploy is irrelevant as it was the Allies who developed, initiated and employed throughout the war illegal "strategic bombing", the Germans NEVER employed it as such due to NEVER having a long-range bomber force.

The Allies fully intended to lay waste to civilian cities with their bomber force - the Germans never intended to use such criminal warfare and hence never developed such bomber forces.

The Allied INTENT was to commit a war-crime. The German bombings prior to that were of the intent to support military advances on a battlefield.


Unknown said...

As an interesting and important side-note to the "strategic bombing" of the Allies I recommend this BBC article "D-Day anniversary: France's forgotten Blitz" -

Excerpt - "It has been a taboo subject in France for 70 years but in his D-Day commemoration speech on 6 June, President Francois Hollande will pay tribute to the terrible civilian casualties suffered by the French due to Allied bombing up to and during the liberation of France.

Historians believe Allied bombardments killed almost as many French people as German bombs killed Britons during the Blitz."

"It is also true that France took seven times the tonnage of [Allied] bombs that the UK took [from Nazi Germany]," says Knapp. "Roughly 75,000 tonnes of bombs were dropped on the UK [including Hitler's V missiles]. In France, it's in the order of 518,000 tonnes," he says."


foon1e said...

Note that "Unknown" uses a standard disinformation technique to obfuscate the issue being addressed.
I.E - He throws everything he can into the mix to deliberately obscure the unalterable fact that *Germany* employed Ariel Bombing of Civilian Targets *before* Hostilities commenced between Britain and Germany.
Splitting hairs between the definitions of types of Bombing and finger pointing at who "started it first" like Unknown is desperately pushing is the disingenuous behaviour of a troll determined to ignore the obvious. Namely, that Germany was prepared and willing to bomb civilian populations from the air *before* WW2 started properly.
War IS hell. And no amount of revisionism after the fact to try and paint Germany as blameless by "Unknown" can alter the fact Germany Was just as willing to Bomb civilian targets as The Allied Forces proved to be.
Trying to justify those actions by claiming it was *legal*? That's just as despicable as quoting an obvious sociopath's book that defends strategic bombing of civilian targets.
Morally, there is nothing "legal" about it. It's abhorrent. And so is Unknown's "Blame Game" here.
There are no "Innocents" in Wartime. Just Politically motivated opposing forces and their victims.
Trolls just gotta troll i guess.