May 12, 2014

David Duke Show 2014.05.12

Dr. Duke has another Blockbuster, breakthrough show today focusing on the former science editor for the NY Times who has now essentially embraced the scientific racial truth that Dr. Duke wrote extensively about in My Awakening and has written about for more than 35 years! -- And attacked for it! He shows how that science is simply undeniable when it comes to racial realities and differences, but now any discussion must be rooted in allegations of Jewish superiority which can be scientifically challenged.
Dr.Dukes shows how Wade talks about tribalism and tribal racism as inherited and that although he spends huge amounts of time on Jewish supremacy he completely ignores Jewish tribalism, the ultimate racism!
An amazing show that needs to be made into videos and to be shared to all your email contacts, facebook and twitter friends, and the world at large!
Dr. Slattery is on hand to add some very prescient, insightful commentary. -- fantastic show!

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