May 12, 2014

NoAgenda Episode 616 - "Jihadi Disneyland" - 2014.05.11

End of the week media deconstruction, Political Insight, and light hearted banter. Featuring the nicest 2 gate-keepers you're ever likely to listen to; Curry and Dvorak. Marvel at how a single Apple Mac Laptop can produce such a professional sounding show!

The Sunday Show.



Unknown said...

Just advance to 143 minutes, 30 seconds and hear Curry say:

"...this is no better than ... Reichstag NAZI's ... going into Austria, Poland, ... it's "false flag"..."

This guy, Adam Curry, drank the coolaid some where back there, so, listen at your own peril. If he can be so misled about easily learned history (NOT hollywood propaganda or jew-fected fairy tales about the 3rd Reich), then one has to wonder what else is he being stupid about. And John Dvorak (of PC Magazine fame), who comes on as always being there to correct Curry at the drop of a hat, let it slide WITHOUT COMMENT - not a peep.

These guys are indeed gatekeepers, and, I no longer have time or inclination to listen to their bullshit, which finally oozed out some anti-germanic hate.

Pretending to be ignorant, or worse, a true believer, about the phoney baloney horror-tales (fairy tales of horror) told by jews (and their sycophants) against the loyal Germans of the 3rd Reich, is not an option for any genuine white folks who want the unwatered-down hard truth. Scratch these guys off your list of anyone worth listening to.

foon1e said...

Lol! Can't say you wasn't warned on the blurb!
They're entertaining enough - but anyone who shills for cash as hard as these two *has* to be taken with large pinches of salt.

Unknown said...

If Germany was doing so well economically and socially, then why did Germany need to attack other Nations? Please dont make me laugh by saying Hitler had to attack others. Is it the age old saying about Ultimate Power that Ultimately Corrupts....

If Roosevelt or Hitler or Stalin or Churchill attempted to order me or my son to kill or die for them, then I would die trying to kill them.

Only idiots die and fight for their puppet masters.

Unknown said...

Greg Swamp says,

"If Roosevelt or Hitler or Stalin or Churchill attempted to order me or my son to kill or die for them, then I would die trying to kill them..."

I learned a long time ago, Greg Swamp, not to be too sure about what I would or wouldn't do in any given situation until I find myself smack dab in the middle of it. I *thought* I would NEVER sign up to fight as a soldier, but, when the word went out that Kennedy might issue a call-to-arms over those nuclear missiles in Cuba, I, along with 7000 other students at my college, stood ready to drop out of school and sign up en mass - just waiting for Kennedy to issue the call. He didn't, we didn't, and so I can now say I never had to suit up and go kill "for my country".

But so many of my loved ones and friends DID, and, I am not one to ever criticize them because, even you Greg Swamp, can't know for sure what you might do were you to be caught in the middle of the clash between your moral aversion to killing, and to you duty to your family, nation, and country.

Hollywood made a very good movie about an American hero from WWI, titled, "Sergeant York", with a young Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan. It depicts very well what happens to a pacifist when he is called up and is determined not to go - take a watch - they show it sometimes on TCM. Gary Cooper acts it out splendidly and lets us all see how we might do and act differently than we think when confronted with overpowering forces prodding us to abandon some deeply held notion we have.

Austria voted to join the 3rd Reich by over 95% of the eligible voters. Poland had committed a long series of war provoking maneuvers, including border raids, calling up of arms, and slaughtering german nationals living against their will under a harsh Polish occupation. Whatever state you live in, Greg Swamp, just imagine the US losing a war and, as part of the armistice, your state would be occupied by Mexico, and, after all your arms had been laid down, you and yours were getting abused, raped, and even tortured to death by your occupiers - you would expect that sooner or later other Americans from those states not under occupation would march into your state and put an end to the brutal occupation by bloodthirsty aliens.

That is what happened to Germans of West Prussia throughout the 20's an 30's, and, it got worse and worse, with hordes of West Prussian Germans flooding across the border nightly (being shot at by the Polish occupiers all the while), and, finally, with Polish authorities refusing to even meet with German officials to discuss relief, the 3rd Reich had to act to protect those Germans still caught under Polish occupation.

Had the leaders of the 3rd Reich NOT acted, they probably would have been voted out of office in favor of someone who WOULD act to save the lives of Germans still under Polish occupation - the german public was outraged at the way germans under Polish occupation were being treated.

That is the true history - check it out and see if you can't figure out what really happened way back then.

This guy Adam Curry is just puppeting the popular Hollywood (read that JEWISH) version of WW2 that they spoon fed us like koolaid so that we would all be willing to "put a stop to Hitler". We maybe could overlook that attitude a long time ago, but, by now, with so much true history so readily available online, being so stupid this late in the game is inexcusable - he is either an idiot or a jew-tool, or, maybe a jew himself. I don't know and I don't care - he is not worth listening to for even a spit of a thought.