May 12, 2014

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2014.05.12

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Bible contradictions and fairy tales etc.

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Unknown said...

Good Shit i'll be there again tomorrow Maaannnn!

crawdadnorthdakota said...

awesome shoah.... and max woodward is dreama

Mami said...

Welcome to the funny farm Charles.

dresdensurvivor said...

Why ignore Thomas Paine's book "The Age of Reason " where he exposes the jew book as being a hoax ?
foe daring to expose judaism and christianity, this great man was ignored by the american elite.This man of whom president Adams said : Withoutthe writing of Paine,Washington's sword would have been in vain!
He is not being honored , there is no memorial for one of the greatest thinkers of his time, a man who could have saved western civilisation if the leaders in those days had listened to him.
Why? because he was not of the elite, he didn't have university educatio,he was a man of the people for the people.On the day of his death there were just 6 persons at his gravesite.
What a bunch of treachrous @#@$#@
the so called "elite"..

xtiml said...

this is really good,your cautionary words are wisely heeded.

Anonymous said...

Wow... This makes me want to read his books... Any recommendations?
I'm sure his best work has been censored over the years

Unknown said...

I was hooked by curiosity yesterday morning when I saw this rant, “Bible contradictions and fairy tales etc.,” by Charles, as brought back onto Mami's front page. Because no one offered a rebuttal to his thesis, I found myself in the dreaded position of having to listen to claims that the book of Revelation was plagiarized from “Sibyl” apparently a first contributor to “The Sibylline Oracles,” as Charles mentioned “Book II” as the source. It would be as difficult as stuffing a swarm of live wasps back into their hive as correcting Charles's claims, therefore I'll focus on the alleged plagiarism.

First, it is imperative to define what a Sibyl is in an historical context (Charles only focuses on a Sibyl allegedly living in 510 B.C.). Comparing the online versions of Britannica, Catholic and Jewish Encyclopedias, one finds that all basically agree on what a Sibyl is; below is a definition from The Britannica:

“SIBYLS 1 ( Sibyllae ), the name given by the Greeks and Romans to certain women who prophesied under the inspiration of a deity. The inspiration manifested itself outwardly in distorted features, foaming mouth and frantic gestures. Homer does not refer to a Sibyl, nor does Herodotus. The first Greek writer, so far as we know, who does so is Heraclitus (c. 500 B.C.)….

The entire 14-book 1899 translated collection of The Sibylline Oracles may be freely accessed at . I personally spent an inordinate amount of time on this website looking for the passages described by Charles finding that they do not exist therein at all; not even in Book II. The introduction to the Oracles states:

“As the translator notes, this collection should more properly titled 'the Pseudo-Sibylline Oracles'. The original Sibylline Books were closely-guarded oracular scrolls written by prophetic priestesses (the Sibylls) in the Etruscan and early Roman Era as far back as the 6th Century B.C.E. These books were destroyed, partially in a fire in 83 B.C.E., and finally burned by order of the Roman General Flavius Stilicho (365-408 C.E.)….”

So where did Charles get his information? It took me a while, but I think I found it; an article with a pseudonym author, “Chacaruni” entitled: “Is The Bible's Book of Revelation A Plagiarism of the Sybelline Oracles Written in 510 BC?”

Continued below...

Unknown said...

The article not only gives the precise “Sibylline” quote that Charles read on the air, but a number of sources as proof of its authenticity, including Edmond Bordeaux Szekely’s “The Essene Gospel of Peace, The Unknown Book of the Essenes.” This publication, like the Sibylline Oracles, is available in its entirety on the internet; . Problem is--you may have guessed it--no words remotely similar to what it is alleged to contain can be found. --Liar! Liar! Pants on fire! (I must be getting tired.)

Perusing Chacaruni’s article while searching (googling) for mentioned works allegedly containing 510 B.C. Sibyl’s orations, provides nothing… no mention of Prof. Karl Fickler & Dr. Burgie Johansson works. The ONLY source found in Chacaruni’s article that may support the plagiarism-allegation is the book “The Crucifixion of Truth” by Tony Bushby. The main person promoting Bushby’s book and the mentioned article is David Ike; David Ike’s the guy that defames lizards by claiming that humans are one and the same.

If the Article sited here is a microcosm of the Bushby book, the book will either provide documentation irrelevant to a claim hoping you won’t check it out or dead ends that prove nothing (again hoping you won’t check it out). It’ll baffle you; leaving you a presumptive fool.

According to scripture, it is unwise to give that which one finds precious to the contentious (Matthew 7:6). Nevertheless, in closing, I recommend reading the 7 part series, “God Prophetically Named the Stars” in order to try and clean this crap out of your head.

Unknown said...

I made a gross error in trying to rebut Charles’ (and David Ike’s[1]) attack on the Scriptures by using google search words originating with their allegations rather than the obvious. Giuliani, Ike (who has a peculiar affinity with someone using the pseudonym “Chacaruni,” and undoubtedly the Bushby author of “The Crucifixion of Truth” all fail to mention that their alleged Sibyl oracle of 510 B.C. IS IN FACT Edmond Bordeaux Szekely’s “The Essene Book of Revelations,” which is available for perusal on the internet.[2]

The 1911 Encyclopedia includes these words describing the Essenes:

“The fact that the Pharisees and Sadducees so often figure in the pages of the New Testament, while the Essenes are never mentioned, might plausibly be interpreted to show that the New Testament emanated from the side of the Essenes….”[3]

The first to perpetrate the Sibylline falsehood had to know he was perpetrating fraud. The Essenes had a long history up to and contemporaneous with early Christianity. They are a source of many copied and preserved sacred texts. The Essene Book of Revelation is an imperfect copy of the original Apocalypse, commonly known as the Revelation of Jesus Christ; nothing more or less.

Charles Giuliani, you’ve been smchoozed!