Thursday, August 14, 2014

Satanic Jews Revenge: Two Malaysian Airliners Missing or Destroyed

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir The Jewish elite were outraged when in 2001, Prime Minister Mahatir of the economically prosperous Southeast Asian nation of Malaysia bravely stood up and told a large global conference of leaders, “The Jews rule the world.” The assembled leaders were stunned to hear one of their own fearlessly stand up to Israel and the Jews. “They rule by proxy,” said Prime Minister Mahatir. Though they are only a small group, he explained, “The Jews have now gained control of the most powerful countries and they, the tiny community, have become a world power.” Mahatir warned that the few countries in the world still free of Zionist control must fight back and be intelligent in confronting them. “We need guns and rockets, bombs and warplanes,” he said, and “tanks and warships for our defense.”     ***Read full article here***
*Rothschilds Criminal jew Control 0f World Banks and War-´Making
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