December 24, 2014

Christmas Fun - Please add your fun stuff by sharing it in the comments section.

*'Twas the Night Raid Before Christmas

*The 12 Days Of Global Warming

*Santa On the Loose


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Comment on Youtube on said video:

Most accounts of the famous Christmas Truce neatly avoid mentioning that when German troops opposite the French lines came out of their trenches to celebrate, the French machine gunned them down.

I find this ad offensive on several levels. First is the use of war to advertise a product. I don't care if the proceeds are going to a charity. If they used the Nagasaki bomb as the background to a commercial product advert the proceeds of which would go to cancer research, would you accept it?

Second, the obvious sanitisation of war. Impeccably clean young men with neatly laundered uniforms and smooth shaves shaking hands on ground without a shell hole in sight, instead of the reality of mud and snow everywhere, rats eating the dead, and the living being covered with lice so familiar they had names. This is all part of the ongoing attempt to romanticize WWI, probably the most horrible war ever in terms of pure human suffering (if you leave out the Eastern Front in WWII).

Third, the implied falsification of history. The truce didn't get much sharing done. The next day they were busy killing each other as usual. The officers saw to that.

By the way, a football game really occurred, between the "Saxons" and "Anglo-Saxons" (national names for the teams being scrupulously avoided). I think the Saxons won.