December 24, 2014

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2014.12.24

Kollerstrom vs. Myers debate: Should 9/11 truthers avoid holocaust revisionism?

Nick Kollerstrom of begs to differ with Peter Myers, who recently argued on my show that 9/11 truth-seekers and other opponents of the New World Order should avoid holocaust revisionism - both because it makes us look bad, and because it isn't true. Nick argues that it is true: There were no mass human gas chambers, the "death camps" were labor camps, there was no organized effort to exterminate Jewry or any other group, and the number of Jews killed (by typhus, starvation, etc.) was below one million, not six million.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad this issue came up, because I personally don't care if Kollerstrom had said that Bigfoot is from Mars in relation to the facts about 7/7. But the reality is, most people do, and to deny the official story of the Holocaust is even a more serious matter to most people in ruining your credibility than talking about Bigfoot.

But since earlier this year, I have begun to question Kollerstrom's sincerity and I openly question whether he was part of the 7/7 operation, along with Muad'Dib, producer of 7/7: Ripple Effect.

In the BBC hit piece, The Conspiracy Files: 7/7, they used Kollerstrom's Holocaust Revisionism in order to smear his credibility about his 7/7 finding that forced police and government officials to admit that the alleged terrorists hadn't taken the specific train they said they had.

And regarding Muad'Dib, they used his claim of being the prophet Elijah mentioned in the book of Malachi to smear him as well.

In both cases, I thought it was unfortunate that the mass media were able to use that against them and you can only expect so much from amateur researchers who had otherwise done more than anyone else, but earlier this year, I began to question whether they were deliberately inserted into the whole operation, posing as false truthers.

Thanks to Dr. Stan Monteith outing Jeff Bauman as an actor at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and the work of Simon Shack in exposing 9/11 media fakery, such as the fake birds inserted into one of the so-called live shots on 9/11, plus the Harley T-shirt guy and then other suspicious individuals, that's what led me to suspect these two in relation to 7/7.

We know 7/7 was deliberately engineered as a false flag event because of Peter Power saying that very day on TV and radio that he had been part of a drill involving the exact same subway and bus stops at exactly the same time the explosions were said to have occurred, and because of a BBC show beforehand that talked about the British people needing to get ready for such an event, and Peter Power was even part of that panel.

Then, as Simon Shack has pointed out, former Australian PM John Howard had said the exact number of people who had supposedly died before the number had been officially reported by any official source.

And, lest anyone but the very few question Muad'Dib's credibility, they extradited him from Ireland in order to face charges of jury tampering (which were bogus), and he was acquitted. Who would question his sincerity in that case? Almost no one, until you study documented evidence of controlled opposition.

As for Kollerstrom, my suspicions were further raised subsequent to his interview on John Friend's show this year where he claimed that Mossad knew about 7/7 but the CIA didn't.

Regarding the issue of should Holocaust revisionism be avoided by 9/11 researchers, the answer is no, not in all cases, but just as the mass media and ruling class supplies the public with different leaders, talking heads and Judas Goats for each opinion, group and taste, the true researchers should do the same individually, and in an organized way according to our knowledge, abilities and capacity for strategic communication.

Unknown said...

Well faux

i suggest you debate kollerstrom - say at CODOH forum where he is registered - tho unless you have hard evidence, you wont get anywhere there, as they have strict rules regarding debates

please consider my suggestion

Anonymous said...

Ilya (and nice name, btw),

Why would I debate Kollerstrom there when I am making the point that his position on the Holocaust doesn't matter with regard to the facts about 7/7. What matters is the effect it has on the minds of those hearing about 7/7 as a false flag.

Anonymous said...

I'm not particularly questioning Kollerstrom's sincerity about Holocaust Revisionism. What I question is whether he was deliberately chosen to the public face of claiming 7/7 is a false flag attack.

And I wouldn't have particularly questioned him were it not for also Muad'Dib who just happens to view himself as the second coming of Elijah. That makes him and questioning 7/7 as a false flag insane in the minds of the general public.

Muad'Dib may also be sincere in his views, but, again, may have been inserted as the public face of questioning 7/7 so he could come across as a nut.

When Jim Fetzer interviewed a guy going by the pseudonym of Frankly Speaking on the fakery of the famous jumper guy on 9/11, where the sides of the towers don't match up the way they should, he just happened to talk about Holocaust revisionism in the same show. I think that was very deliberate in that case, and anyone who doesn't already have an open mind to questioning everything will immediately be biased by any of his talk about the fake jumper photo.

1776blues said...

Myers sounds like he is Jewish. I disagree with staying away from the holocaust and Hitler, after all its the center of Jews rise to power over the Goy.

And all this Hitler bashing is simply saying that no one can challenge the Jews ever, so you can forget thinking about trying to end their grip on the west.

Myers is using bad translation. I think Myers is a Jew in disguise.

1776blues said...

And then there's Barrett who is an anti-white white Muslim who believes that Mike Brown was a saint!

Unknown said...

Criticism meted out by truthers against fellow truthers is a real kick in the guts. I am familiar with the work of both of these fine English truthers, their contribution to truth far exceeds any misunderstanding that other truthers may have of either one of them.

You want to criticize them for something you heard in the mass media, I don't think so.

Unknown said...

To Don Damore:

A "truther" who proclaims his belief that "the Germans were the bad guys... (44:36)" ain't no truther at all, but a prejudicial, lying, hate-filled, shill.

He's no better than a greasy cook who tells you to eat his shit because it tastes good (trust him, he says so!). Don't be a fool - check it out for yourself, Don, before you swallow his crap and think of him as a "truther" - he ain't your friend, nor is he one of us.

foon1e said...

You are pre-supposing that *everyone* involved in pointing out the perfidiousness and iniquities of the Jew are part of your backwards-looking Germanic clique JL. You most certainly can be a "Truther" if you're prepared to speak out against what is being done to the rest of Humanity by this tribe of parasites today in the 21st Century.
Most of us involved in this endevour risk contravening the multitudinous "Hate Crime" Laws that have been stealthily introduce across all Western "Democracies" in recent years. And the ability to resist such tyranny in the face of potential personal loss of freedom and material wealth really does sort out the Men from the fake armchair revolutionaries; who are only in it for lost causes,Kudos from others who share their delusions, and the sheckles that come their way from their respective "Donate Buttons".
The Third Reich is dead and buried in the general Populations manipulated consciousness. All you succeed in doing when you try to defend Hitler,or any other politician of that time period is play directly into the manufactured reality of the Jew. They control the reality consensus through the mainstream media. And you're providing the visible enemy of *their* version of History.
Nothing you can say is going to change that in the long run. They've had too much time to refine and reinforce their version of manufactured reality. The Extra-Jew-dicial systems are in place to keep you from rocking their eventual "One World Government" goals. And their foot soldiers are armed and enabled with the full weight of their respective governmental bureaucracies.
EVENTS that have sufficient weight of Evidence to question the long established official narrative are important to push to the public. But "Personalities" too long vilified to be publicly accepted only harm our cause. Unless those actively involved in pushing this aspect of "Truth" are working on behalf of the Jew themselves - giving them yet more ammunition to verify their Victim-Status to the General Public. And lessen our own efforts at the same time.

As has been proved by posters here - you're forever tarred by association to whatever Beliefs you attempt to push to the public audience as your own version of "Reality". This Harms us. It certainly doesn't Help us sound sane to the very people we are seeking to enlighten through our efforts.

MY "Christmas Wish" is that those who seek to divide us through application of the Hegelian dialectic - that whole "Pick a side" mentality - go elsewhere. Somewhere they can indulge in their personal prejudices and lost causes to their hearts content.
Here at Mami's, we will continue to promote reason, reality and truth as paramount over politicised dogma.
We're not a "White Nationalist" Site. We're not a Religion reinforcement site. We're most definitely Not a "Cult of personality" site. And we work hard to provide a forum for those normally ostracised and excluded from the Jew-Controlled Media version of what is "Normal".

There are *many* versions both public and personal of what constitutes "Truth". Truth is whatever you *choose* to believe in the end. If you are successful in proving the reality of your truth to others? Then you have done a public service.
If however you are "Awake" to the probability that none of us possesses the real "Truth" - because whatever you can point to as Proof has always "Historically" been filtered through the minds and efforts of the very same parasites we're trying to warn the world about?
That is both a greater public service...and opens you up to more than the purely dogmatic.

Think about that the next time you pop onto a comments section to vilify someone else's efforts.
...and have a Great Religious festival-time wherever you are in the world. Unless you're Jewish - in which case you can ferk orft!


Unknown said...

OK Faux - I misinterpreted your post

I doubt Myers is a jew - he is someone who does not seem to fit into any of the boxes available for classifying internet personalities (also like giuliani to an extent)

here is his website - It is telling that it is called Neither Aryan nor Jew

He is "out there" in his thinking, at least from the short time i spent looking at his ideas. By that I mean he is not easily placed as noted.

However, I agree that his use of passages from Table Talk as indicATIONS that AH wanted to EXTERMINATE the jews failed : Here is what he quoted - which i will follow with the rest of the passage:

Source: TT: 25th October 1941, evening

"From the rostrum of the Reichstag I prophesied to Jewry
that, in the event of war's proving inevitable, the Jew would
disappear from Europe."

now read the rest -

"That race of criminals has on its
conscience the two million dead of the first World War, and now
already hundreds of thousands more. Let nobody tell me that
all the same we can't park them in the marshy parts of Russia!
Who's worrying about our troops? It's not a bad idea, by the
way, that public rumour attributes to us a plan to exterminate
the Jews. Terror is a salutary thing."

So whether Myers was using a sentence found by a search and not the full text of TT is unclear. If he had read the full text and only quoted what he did - he needs to explain why he neglected to quote the rest.

By the way in TT the root extermin occurs 20 times - TT is available as a PDF for those interested.

I am of the opinion that exposing past miscarriages of justice undertaken by the tribe and their goy accomplices is important. I understand the argument against this but reject it.

foon1e said...

Exposing past miscarriages of justice undertaken by the tribe and their accomplices IS important. I won't dignify their accomplices with the Jew Term you used. That Just empowers them even more. Call them what they really are - Traitors to humanity.
Correcting the Historical Jew Narrative by judicious application of Facts and Evidence is paramount. However, tacking on discredited Political dogma and personalities from the past diminishes your premise. You continue to fall into the Jew Trap laid out so carefully to enforce *their* Agendas. And it's no wonder by doing so that the General Populace prefer to believe Jew lies over your own dogmatic responses.
Ultimately, It is your right to reject sanity and embrace insanity. That's the essence of Free-Will after all. But You help the Jew by doing so, and I'm sure you'll get your reward in the fullness of time.
(Now I understand exactly how the Jew has managed to control the leadership and direction of white nationalist groups for so long. you all actively appear to want to support your "White Brethren" in the middle matter the cost to the rest of humanity. So sad.)

icr said...

Myers also quotes from Rauschning's spurious memoir. Wikipedia says that even mainstream historians like Ian Kershaw and Richard Steigmann-Gall call the book a fake.

Re the TT quotations: "The plaintiff allows that there is probably no argument about what the word Ausrottung has come to mean in modern 1990s German usage. What it meant in Hitler's hands in the 1930s and 1940s is however what is germane to this issue. According to the standard Langenscheidt 1967 German dictionary, which suggests translations in descending order of likelihood, Judentum is translated only as: '(n.) Judaism,' while Ausrottung has the entry '(f.) uprooting; extirpation, eradication; extermination, pol. a. genocide.' Precisely because the verb ausrotten and the noun Ausrottung have so many different meanings, the plaintiff was careful not to translate it with only one given meaning, namely a meaning specifically pre-loaded with the meaning needed to support a special hypothesis needed."- David Irving, from the Lipstadt trial testimony

Unknown said...

Thanks re Rauschning - i thought of that when listening, but forgot to mention it.

zapoper said...