December 24, 2014

Rand(the zio-turd)Paul

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Anonymous said...

He may support them just for the money and political power and not be a religiously sincere Christian Zionist like nearly all Christian evangelicals.

Rand Paul is completely controlled opposition, unlike his father. Rand is deliberately tailoring his policies to get power.

The fact that Alex Jones regularly supports Rand Paul as a serious challenge to the powers that shouldn't be is an indication of him being false opposition.

The sad part is so many sincere people who recognize government excesses and even those who see a hostile minority and ideology having hijacked America will support this man, thinking he will actually make a difference.

And it's bad news, folks, when he's the only Senator who is even presented as some great constitutionalist. He, along with Alex Jones and others, will fool a lot of people into more government violations of our individual rights before enough people do anything to stop it.

As a Senator, he could filibuster any Bill he wants, forcing them to override it with a 60+ vote each time, but he doesn't do so, because he knows he has to play along. And every Bill voted on that doesn't have at least 51 Senators voting is actually null and void and there was a time early on for him when it was reported that he was speaking to a nearly empty Senate chamber. From someone who purports to be such a constitutionalist, he should've been constantly demanding a quorum call, and should demand one every time there are fewer than 51 in attendance.