January 05, 2015

David Duke Show 2015.01.05

Dr Duke talks about his recent appearance on CNN and other media related topics. This is my own recording because the Rense archive URL is extremely slow and the show has not been uploaded to the server yet.

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Unknown said...

Why does David Duke LIE about the most important modern event in history (9/11) by saying Arabs did it?

Why does David Duke use a LIE (Moon Walk) to justify the technological superiority of Europeans?

Why did David Duke's wife work as personal assistant to a BILLIONAIRE JEW while he was Grand KKK Wizards?

Why is the leader of the largest white racist website (ScamFront) now married to Dukes' ex-wife who still works as personal assistant to a BILLIONAIRE JEW named Pepe Fanjul? This is not a little billionaire but a BILLIONAIRE JEW.

As far as I am concerned, David Duke spreads lies (and truths) in order to act as a SPONGE to suck up the money involved in "White Nationalist" type people who follow him.

David Duke NEVER supports anyone but himself.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Greg Swamp/Ken Horst, you're back.

Foon1e or Zap, please escort this man out of the premises.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

For the Duke to be allowed on Jew News, should tell us all we need to know about Him.
The Duke is Jew Approved Kosher!

zapoper said...

This one looks like Lindsey Jason but who cares?

Anonymous said...

Zap, I'm 100% sure it's Swamp, and you know that he was banned because of how toxic he was, and he was suspected even by you of being a deliberate disrupter.

Anonymous said...

Jason doesn't he raise legitimate points?

Anonymous said...

It's true that Duke is used by the Jewish supremacists to attempt to discredit any real and positive White identity and cohesion, but it's qualified in that they only use him up to a point, and I haven't seen any tangible evidence to suspect Duke is anything but 100% sincere.

Take Duke and Alex Jones for comparison purposes. Both are used by the mass media as polarizing figures but Jones regularly gets mass media coverage, often without a really good reason, whereas Duke got coverage after being invited by Ahmadinejad, and now after Rep. Scalise attended one of his gatherings -- all perfectly plausible reasons, unlike Jones' convenient C-SPAN appearance in 2004 or Bohemian Grove crashing.

Duke has been saying the alleged 19 Arab-Muslim terrorists the last time I heard.

And why wouldn't Duke believe in the Moon landings. I doubt he has studied the issue, unlike Michael Rivero who may be deliberately shilling for NASA, and makes it a matter of course to allegedly tell us what really happened.

Swamp/Horst doesn't like Duke because he's done more than most White people combined, and therefore is someone to be regularly given a litany of criticisms so that at least one thing sticks on every White person reading it, so you will have a reason not to learn from his activism.

Anonymous said...

That's not the point, Christian.

If someone has been repeatedly banned for being toxic, then you have to question why they keep resorting to the same behaviour. What real motive is behind it?

And Bill Cooper is another tripwire for Swamp/Horst to launch into a litany of criticisms. Ask yourselves why that is.

Not that there aren't criticisms of Cooper, but he was the first to out Alex Jones as a shill long before any of us even heard about him, he called out Bo Gritz as a government shill, he took Aaron Russo to task for coming across as more of a salesman, and Cooper publicly changed his views on certain issues like the alien agenda.

I started noticing a pattern with Swamp/Horst, as did Foon1e, and that was that no one seemed to be quite good enough for him, but one thing the ones he criticized so much had in common is they were public figures who figured out a lot of things and had a big alternative voice, instead of being a keyboard commando under an alias and having to create a new account every year or so after wearing out his welcome.

Anonymous said...

Zap and others, check out this litany of criticisms Swamp had against Tim Murdock (again, not that some criticisms aren't valid, but throwing the kitchen sink at yet another activist has a convenient way of discouraging similar activism). It it, he uses one of his favourite phrases, about "the Moon Walk Lie."


Anonymous said...

Well you can't ignore the Jew oligarch connection.

Anonymous said...

Christian, that connection was news to me. I was aware of Don Black's wife being Duke's former wife. That by itself doesn't strike me as odd, since they have been close associates and are now on the same network.

It raises a question to me about Black's wife (and Duke's ex-wife), and not about Duke himself.

But even there, how active has she been in White causes? Just because she's been married to Duke and is now married to Black doesn't mean she should get fired.

But as for the original point of Duke's show, about his CNN appearance, at least he's getting on there. The rest of us are still relegated to internet radio and blogs. And I think the main reason they brought him on was to taint the Republicans, and not because they gave much of a whiff about further misrepresenting Duke.

Contrast that with his post-Iran interview with Blitzer, where Blitzer really tried to rip into him and associate White identity with Holocaust Denial and the KKK.

Some will be leaders and others won't. It's better to get attacked on CNN than be read by the same usual suspects on a blog, so long as you have good intentions and aren't playing a deliberate role like Alex Jones is.

Unknown said...

Saw Dr. Duke on Fox News tonight and thought he did an excellent job. O'Reilly was trying to smear him like they always do. Dr. Duke held his own and stayed on point.

Anonymous said...

Here's a comment "Ken Horst" made about one of Duke's shows in December 2013, where he repeated the same talking points "Jim Dandy" did now.


SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Come on guys, even Eustace Mullins flagged the Duke years ago.

Please tell me how leaving the Duke your "Estate" is going to help anything but him.. and the Powers that keep his heart pumping.

I don't mind handing over $50.00 here and there,, but an Estate is right in your Face!
Would love to see his Portfolio.
A lot of these guys are making Big bucks off this AKA Truther movement.

Where is Bill Cooper when you need him?
Oh forget it, just found his Obituary of his un-timely Death.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't these probable Jews fire Miss Black. Even non Jew businessmen would fire her because the Jews would put pressure on them to do so. Why is Duke so intimate with Mr. Black?

delcroix said...

Duke , Swamp . Horst and another unmeasurable pile of twats.....ain't that just Dandy

Unknown said...

Eustace Mullins did some good things, but he knowingly lied saying that NAZI stood for "National Zionism" where the Germans were allied with the Zionist. You can't get more of a despicable lie than that especially since you now have the whole Alex Jones crowd repeating it. I can't forgive Mullins for that. Sorry.

icr said...

"Even non Jew businessmen would fire her because the Jews would put pressure on them to do so."

They have their own flaws, but Latin Americans are not into witch hunting like Jews and WASPs are.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

I think I will just put my head back down on this topic and chew on some grass Until Deanna comes out with a NEW David Duke book on Estate Investment Fleecing the EZ way!

Unknown said...

Did anyone catch it? David Duke believes in the HOLOCAUST Lies. How cute. Isn't Prime Time Jew TV great!

Just like David Duke also believes in the Official 9/11 Lies.

If you dont know that Duke's Wife worked for as "personal assistant" to BILLIONAIRE JEW OLIGARCH (Pepe Fanjul) while he ran around with a hood on his head, then what do you know about this operative?

If you dont know that the same lady is now married to the leader of SCAMFRONT and still working as "personal assistant" for the BILLIONAIRE JEW OLIGARCH then what the heck do you know about how controlled opposition works? Just by coincidence, Don Black also supports the Official 9/11 Jew Lies.

The 2 biggest "racists and anti-semites" believe in the Jew led 9/11 Lie. Add Alex Jew Jones into the mix and we now have the 3 biggest controlled opposition leaders.

Ross Perot once made the statement about a "giant sucking sound", which in this case refers to the sucking of money from gullible people. Guess what, both Scamfront and David Duke claim that PayPal wont let them accept donations. How funny! I know plenty of websites and people that can get PayPal donations yet they actually tell the truth about JEWS behind 9/11, the Holocaust Lies and are far more "racist" than either of these operatives.

Scamfront and David Duke make the PayPal claim in order to gain legitimacy, as if they are being shutdown by the Jew. How funny! Prime Time Jew TV anyone?

Unknown said...

Also notice that David Duke made a BIG POINT about being in "RUSSIA" "RUSSIA" "RUSSIA".

The "Russia" point was made specifically by Duke so that all the anti-Russian Jew propaganda of today can then be linked with White Nationalism and us evil "racist white supremacists". It works against both Putin/Russia and our people here in the USA.

Ever heard of hitting 2 birds with 1 stone? The Jew just did that. And they got their Holocaust Lies supported by David Duke. Make that 3 birds with 1 stone.

I will never understand how supposedly aware people do not understand that the biggest "alternative media" personalities are the biggest controlled operators. What would be the point of Jews creating controlled opposition if they did not control the largest personalities of the opposition?

Before anti-racist Alex Jones, who was the biggest anti-racist controlled operator? I think his claim to fame was Bill Clinton advertising that he was the most dangerous man on the radio... Its no wonder nothing changes when people can be so easily fooled.

Anonymous said...

Great points. But when did Chloe start working for Fanjul?

Unknown said...

@ Christian

Chloe has been working for the Billionaire Jew Oligarch Pepe Fanjul since David Duke FOUNDED the Louisiana KKK and put on a hood back in 1974/75.

Don Black also joined the Grand Wizard Duke's KKK organization later on and then took over from Duke as the "Grand Wizard". I hear "wizards" are magicians that create fantasy....

Don Black was also a member of the American Nazi Party (aka National Socialist Party of America) when JEW FRANK COLLIN/COHEN was the leader, which was afterwards led by the character Harold Covington.

Later on, Don Black attempted to hire mercenaries to take over the island of Dominica, which just happens to have sugar cane plantations; something that Pepe Fanjul being the Cuban Billionaire Jew Oligarch who made his billions off sugar cane in Cuba and Dominican Republic was most likely very aware of (and probably instigated in my opinion).

Then Chloe got married to Don Black and was the force behind Don Black before he started ScamFront just prior to the OKC bombing crapola.

Note that neither David Duke nor Don Black have ever "worked" a regular job in their lives. Who needs to work when you are a "Wizard" with BILLIONAIRE JEW OLIGARCHS close by (but hidden of course)?

As far as PRISON? Both Duke and Black are claimed to have been in Prison but I would personally wager this time was spent in a type of Education Center to plan the next operation. Just a hunch I have... Don Black claims he took computer programming classes in Prison which enabled him to start up ScamFront. David Duke after his "prison" education time started up his European Organization, along with the founder of the British National Party and Canadian Heritage Alliance.

Here are a few articles:

1. http://pagesix.com/2010/10/09/billionaire-wont-fire-assisant-for-kkk-link/

2. http://firedoglake.com/2008/07/11/how-to-finance-a-neo-nazi-site-work-for-a-school-for-black-kids/

3. http://www.browardpalmbeach.com/1998-02-19/news/the-racist-next-door/

It just amazes me that people express surprise that a Billionaire Jew Oligarch would be behind controlled operators. What is not a surprise, is that some people would attempt to hide these connections.

Do people not learn from Adam Pearlman (Al Qaeda Spokesman) or Frank Cohen (American Nazi Party Leader) or Alex Jew Jones (InfoWars) or ISIS or ANY PRESIDENT OF THE USA?