January 24, 2015

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.01.26

EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Professional Islamophobe Doug Giles, Islamic leader Zafar Bangash

This show will broadcast on January 26, 2015

First 15 minutes: Professional Islamophobe and journalistic bottom-feeder Doug Giles may not be a complete idiot – I agree with him on gun rights, family values, the holiness and sanctity of Jesus (peace upon him), and the superiority of 9/11-truther-coach Pete Carroll’s go-for-touchdowns approach over the Green Bay Packers’ settling for field goals. But Doug’s apparently not smart or brave enough to go toe-to-toe with me for the full twelve rounds. For a guy with such a testosterone-soaked website, he sure wimped out fast.
Doug’s website Clash Daily (think Fox News on PCP) is full of headlines like: “AMERICAN SNIPERS: Protection From Islam’s Tyrannical Grip.” ” “MUSLIMS, DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS: Muslims Create Chaos In Texas Until These Bikers Showed Up.” “A CHRISTIAN WITH COJONES: Rev. Graham: ‘This Country Was Not BUILT ON MUSLIM PRINCIPLES’.”
Sure, Doug, Rev. Graham may be a Christian with cojones, but how about you? This here patriotic American Muslim hereby challenges you to a full hour of no-holds-barred verbal crusade-jihad. Don’t be a pussy – come back on my show and defend your ridiculous BS as best you can!

Final 45 minutes: Noted Muslim thinker Zafar Bangash discusses what’s behind the media-orchestrated wave of Islamophobia washing over the world from Paris. Topics include the orchestrated “clash of civilizations,” truth and lies about Islam, the Charlie Hebdo false flag, previous false flags including 9/11, the Iranian Supreme Leader’s letter to Western young people, the reasons why the Zionist entity occupying Palestine is illegitimate, and the possibility that the Zionists plan to orchestrate another World War.
Zafar Bangash is Director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, and president of the Islamic Society of York Region, a suburb of Toronto. His articles regularly appear regularly at Crescent-Online.net, the best Muslim current-affairs publication in English.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too bad Barrett didn't let Giles develop his point about who has been behind the culture changes he's so disgusted with these days. He mentioned Communists, and wasn't able to elaborate before Barrett asked him whether he was being a pussy for not talking about Jews.

Obviously Muslims weren't behind what took place especially since the 60s, nor have they been in control of immigration policy.