January 24, 2015

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2015.01.23

Ellen Brown on global bankster coup; Greg Felton on "2015: Year of the Sheeple"

First hour: Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt, may be America's leading expert on the biggest scam in world history: The banksters' legal counterfeiting operation in which they create money out of nothing by lending it into existence at interest – making repayment mathematically impossible, and reducing the entire planet to ever-worsening debt slavery. Her recent articles take on Greece vs. the Vampire Squid; the coming oil-derivatives crash & inevitable rape of the taxpayers to bail out the super rich; and the global bankers coup. Ellen also has the solution: Banking should be a transparent public utility, not an opaque private monopoly.

Second hour: Greg Felton, former Canadian mainstream journalist who wised up to the Zionist crime syndicate and got run out of the profession, says "the year of the sheeple has arrived."  And this was before the Charlie Hebdo false flag! How did Greg see it coming?  Let's ask him!

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blake121666 said...

This Felton guy is a real bozo. He uses false premises to make his points: 18 million Jews after WW2 - false, Pope believed in a flat Earth - false. Things like this makes him look like a village idiot to me. I had to stop after the flat Earth statement. Does he bother to look into anything he hears? Looks doubtful to me. He has a lot of nerve to refer to anyone other than himself as "sheeple".

Anonymous said...

9 minutes in, Ellen Brown mentioned how Switzerland had capped the value of the Swiss Franc at around 1.2 Euros in order to protect their exporters. What was happening was that traders were rushing to the Franc for its stability relative to the collapsing Euro when further bailouts were needed.

They said they did it in order to protect their exporters. It raises important issues about free enterprise. It shows that it's a floating currency until the government decides otherwise, through intervention in the market or fixing the value when circumstances suit it.

But in a globalized world, if you don't sometimes step in to regulate the currency, you could have your economy implode for bogus speculation reasons. A legitimate speculation reason would be that the government is artificially deflating the currency, whereas a bogus one is that everyone is rushing to buy the currency just because other neighbouring currencies are crap, despite them having so much more volume than yours, and therefore the value will skyrocket and could kill exporters.