February 25, 2015

Educational facility gets cease-and-desist order after girl's death

WEST PALM BEACH (CBS12) -- Makayla Sault, died from leukemia January 19.

The 11-year-old girl was given a 75 percent chance of survival if she underwent chemotherapy.

But her family chose instead to stop the treatment and visit the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, a center the state says is run by a man who is not a physician.

In March of 2014, Makayla was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Canadian media says she underwent 11 weeks of chemotherapy at McMaster Children's Hospital in Ontario.

After weeks of treatment, she wrote a letter to her parents, saying "this chemo that I'm on is killing my body and I cannot take it anymore."

Her uncle says, against her doctor's will, her parent took her out of treatment.

While her mother says the family did spend time at the Hippocrates Health Institute, it was not to treat Makayla's cancer.

But Her uncle says, seeking indigenous medicine practiced at Hippocrates was in fact the family's goal, and it was their right to choose.

Canadian media reports the Brant Family and Children's Services investigated the case and decided not to force treatment on Makayla.

Makayla died last month from a stroke. Her parents released a statement saying "Chemotherapy did irreversible damage to her heart and major organs. This was the cause of the stroke."

But an oncologist says Makayla suffered a relapse which led to her death.

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Anonymous said...

This place has been helping people for decades now with raw organic living foods... Yes it's expensive but compared to hospitals that feed you the gmo artificial junk food... I would choose Hippocrates... Brian Clement may or may not be a Dr according to the JWO or Jewish education system but I know from personal experience that Brian Celement knows more about health then 99% of doctors... I don't agree with Hippocrates 100% vegan & no fruits policy... But
for cancer I would follow their Protocals...
How many people die from hospital errors and doctor mistakes not to mention drugs...
These parents where Canadians who tried Chemo... And then later tried living greens... And the girl died... The truth is we need to do this healing ourselves... Get a juicer and a blender buy 100% organic fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of pure water breath pure air and spend the day outside... And see let Mother Nature heal... And if you don't get better please don't blame Mother Nature!!!

Anonymous said...

There is an important point missing from the article summary, and that is that she was an aboriginal, and the court decided that she had an "aboriginal right" to not have forced treatment.

The only rights are those that are universal (we all have them) and reciprocal (I have a right to it, and so do you).

So another aspect to this story is the bogus declaration that Native Canadians have special rights. They only have what their treaties entitle them to, apart from everyone else.

The key issue here is the right of care of the parents, and whether the government can breach it. Yes, I'd say, in the case of abuse (physical, psychological, ...), but in any case, it needs to be balanced in the context of the alternative, of the kid going through the foster child system, which can be more detrimental.

Now let's take what I see as a clearly justified case of medical intervention, in temporarily violating the parents' right of care, and that's in the case of Jehovah's Witness parents who don't want to give their under-18 children a blood transfusion.

In this case we're talking about something overwhelmingly beneficial, with the high risk of imminent death if not received within hours, days or weeks. In this case, I'd say it's justified, because the parents don't have the right to impose their religious beliefs on their children when it will mean their children's likely imminent death.

Contrast that with forced vaccinations, where I don't think they are justified.

This case is trickier, since chemotherapy is toxic and not 100%, and even in these cases of high success ratios, we don't know the success of most alternative treatments because they haven't been properly studied and have been suppressed in some cases, so this is where I'd say it should be left to the parents so long as there is no strong religious belief behind it, and provided the court has established that the parents have considered all the evidence and are actually serious about thinking their child will have a better chance with alternative treatment.

But, it needs to be decided on an individual case, by a judge, and needs to be regularly reviewed, and these decisions should form some sort of precedent used for judging future cases.

Anonymous said...

The Hippocrates center has been on the cutting edge of health for years and is responsible for educating natural cures to thousands of people... It's probably the largest of its kind in the USA... This case "I believe" was used as a reason to stop Hippocrates from curing cancer... The Jew run cancer medical industry biggest competiton is alternative treatment like Hippcrates... "The article makes it sound like Hippcrates is some day spa" that's far from the truth it's comparable to the size of a small hospital and through its education it has branches all across the world...

Anonymous said...

As for Brian Clement his knowledge on health is far superior then any health educator in any university... It's like Jane Goodall going to a univesty for a phd in ecology..,

Anonymous said...

Ps: Mami please post this video by the health ranger... Could this be the beginning of a food revolution... I'm going to try it out ASAP

Mami said...

Ill post it now Nick

Anonymous said...

Never see a Jew doctor or a Doctor brainwashed at a Jew run medical school for health problems or illness treatment. They will gladly assist you im a premature death.