February 25, 2015

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2015.02.25

Massive Inflation Has Begun

-The Secret World of Money: An excellent and easy to read book by Andrew Gause. If you haven’t picked up a copy, they’re available through his office. Excellent read!
-We should be in a depression; Andy tells Patrick that he’s not being overly negative by not being able to find much good news in the world of money
-We’re going from for every 3 people working, 1 is retired to for every 1 person working, 3 are not
-Less and less people are becoming self employed due to over regulation
-Elizabeth Warren or Rand Paul for President? If so, they better be wearing a Kevlar vest
-Justifying the veto of the Keystone pipeline
-Profit severed from capital is true taxable income, so how is it we’ve found ourselves reporting our wages?
-We’ve heard that some of the big banks are insolvent. If they are in control, how could this be true? What happened to the money?
-What would be a good maximum percent of one’s IRA portfolio to be invested now into physical metals and coins, including numismatic, assuming the retirement is about 15-20 years away?
-A $100 face value bag of mixed pre-65 quarters, dimes, nickels sells for about $1315 and the “buy back” price is $1180, but the $100 bag of Mercury dimes sells for $1400 with the same low “buy back” price of $1180. What does this mean?
-Where online would Andy recommend to sell coins other than selling them back to his company?  He’s mentioned before how he would buy coins back from his customers but how realistic is that if every one of customers would do that, would his company be able to buy them back? Listen closely folks, his answer is loud and very clear
-Recession proof businesses

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