February 25, 2015

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.02.24

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Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Dr Richard Alan Miller PhD - The Carbon Dioxide Lie And The Dying Pacific

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Anonymous said...

"Don't blame the jews for mass immigration. Barbara Spectre is just a fictional concoction by white supremacists. I love jews." Frosty Woolridge

Max Smart said...

Wow!! Did he say that? I bet Rense let it ride.

Anonymous said...

Frosty likes to talk symptoms, but not causes. And when he blamed the 1965 "immigration reform" Act on some other show, he pointed his finger at Ted Kennedy.

Which group is the most anti-White and pro-multiculturalism? Muslims, Frosty?

14 minutes in, they played a clip about some Muslim guy saying that all unbelievers go to hell, but that's not Muslim teaching at all, as only those who are given the message of Islam in an appropriate way, and then reject it, are considered kafirs and are promised hellfire.

But people are motivated by different things, such as promises of rewards, others by the threat of punishment, and a few do something because it's the right thing to do, so the promise of hellfire may have been intended for those who are most receptive to that motivation.

Then at 17 minutes, he said real Muslims have to kill or convert all other Muslims, but if that's the case, then why were Jews treated more hospitably in Islamic countries than Christian countries?

Wooldridge really needs to do some research and stop reading from his Jewish supremacist talking points.

Anonymous said...

Correction: kill or convert all other non-Muslims.

Max Smart said...

Starting to think Rense is a waste of space and time. Sure, you can say he brings people on with different points of view; but how is it possible for Rense to be on board with all of them?

Still miles better than Alexis Jonestein, but nowhere near as good as I'd hoped.

1melahat said...

I hope the paycheck was really big for promoting the shit out of American Sniper because Rense is looking more like a double-talking shill like half the guests he has on especially that shifty fast talker, Dr. Deagle, "it's the Sabatians" nonsense. Rense says zionism, pumpkinhead fatberg says Germaniac teutonic nights. Also, Rense pushes the Islamic boogeyman harder than fox news. I understand he makes around 400k/year. No moneybombs required.

Max Smart said...

You got that right! In that interview with Deagle, Rense was marveling at the fact that there are no Jewish suicide bombers, only Muslim. In other words, he was siding with the Jews without giving an explanation as to why Muslims, assuming they haven't been mind-controlled, do what they do. As the White Shoe boy coward himself, Celente, says: when people have got nothing left to lose, they lose it. Jews, on the other hand, have more than plenty to lose.

Anonymous said...

The Sabbatean excuse is so intellectually dishonest, as it's used as an excuse to justify whenever any Jew is doing something bad, saying it's because they're Sabbatean Jews.

Almost no Jew today is a Sabbatean Jew, since it is an anachronistic reference to a group of Jews who followed some false Messiah claimant who essentially said what Alistair Crowley did, that the only commandment is to do what thou wilt.

It ignores the atheistic, hyper tribal mindset of those Jews who think their Yahweh God is phony, and do whatever they want because they have the power to do so, and a supremacist mindset to go along with it.

It's like the bogus excuse that the bad Jews are actually Satanists, which is a way to completely ignore the group dynamics of ethnic hypertribalism, and it's provably false, contrary to what Ralph Epperson claims, that once you become a Satanist, you cease to be Jewish (or Christian, etc.)

Even among the few Jews who are committed literal Satanists, they still have strong hypertribalist tendencies, and since Judaism is also an ethnicity, it's intellectually dishonest to say they cease to be Jews.

Anonymous said...

At the top of the segment with Frosty, the anti-Muslim polemicist, Robert Spencer, was mentioned.

Spencer's not the top-tier of the anti-Muslim polemicists, since despite being ethnically Jewish, he apparently became a Christian.

He actually had the chutzpah to question the very existence of Muhammad, which is laughable, when you compare it to the evidence for Jesus, as so little is known about Jesus, but extensive work has been done to document Muhammad's sayings and actions.

In any case, the Jewish supremacists always have the right messenger to accommodate their target audience.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for addressing the Sabbatean Frankist issue Faux, have felt the same way.