June 23, 2016

[1975] Labour's Peter Shore on Project Fear - "The message that comes out is fear, fear, fear"

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Negentropic said...

Fear is the emotion that is most easily manipulable. The same psychology is applied to "terror events" and is part-&-parcel of the same Grand Evil De-sign.

The strategy is: Fear Based Trauma

The tactics are: Mostly Media Fakery because it leaves all options open, including inducing the maximum amount of fear and entails the least headaches and hassles with non-Media people such as possible family-members and friends of non-actor or non-computer-generated or faked "victims." Media Fakery is as easy to do as shooting a movie and not even a really professional one.

Real blood-&-guts-spilled "false-flag terror events" close up and limit most of their options and create as many headaches and possible major hassles as the people who were killed have friends and family who cared about them and want to find out what happened.

By simulating victims and protagonists and perpetrators using actors acting under a name in documentary-style PsyOp movies shown in many pieces by a fully complicit Mass Media and even better than that, using "people" created inside a computer with fake Facebook friends and family, most of the "public relations" headaches with the public directly connected to any real deaths are smoothly avoided.

So-called "hybrid events," a new term invented by who knows who that I heard Jay Weidner and Rense repeat like brain-dead monkeys referring to False-Flag PsyOps that supposedly both kill people and fake them, are not likely to be used much because the benefits (confusing the Alt-Media Media-Fakery researchers and throwing a wrench in the validity of their theories) are minor compared to the massive possible drawbacks (real dead people, hassles from families, friends, lawyers, private investigators, etc., real people trying to avenge the dead they knew in real life as opposed to real people only THINKING that real people unrelated-to-them were killed because a pre-manufactured film was called a real-life-news-event and "live reporting" by fully controlled talking-head tele-prompter readers making tens-of-millions for never questioning their bosses.

"It is not what is true that counts, but what is PERCEIVED to be true." -- Henry Kissinger

With the ultimate Weapon of Mass Deception, the world-wide Mass-Media of TV, Radio, Movies, Music, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards and huge chunk of the internet under their control, it's not that hard to manage the perceptions of billions, since they all speak from the same 5 or 6 Jew-controlled CEO mouths at the top of the huge multi-national conglomerate corporations, whatever other form the actual content of the expression and mass-communication/brainwashing takes.