June 25, 2016

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2016.06.24

Cynthia McKinney discusses Brexit, false flags; plus Randy Short and VA whistleblower Taref Simon

First hour: Dr. Randy Short joins VA whistleblower Taref Simon to expose how the VA hospital in Houston, Texas was endangering the lives of patients by using contaminated water. Randy Short will also break the news – a Truth Jihad Radio exclusive – of the return of Congressman Walter Fauntroy, who has been laying low in the Middle East due to threats to his life over his exposure of US/European mercenaries who helped overthrow the Libyan government and precipitate what can be accurately described as a genocide.

Second hour: Our perennial favorite guest (and all-time favorite federal officeholder) six-term congresswoman Cynthia McKinney joins us to discuss the historic Brexit vote; false flags in light of the recent incident in Orlando; and more.

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Negentropic said...

Notice how very careful this Barrett shill is in never using the term PsyOp when he's not buddying up to Mega-Shill Willie Rodriguez. That's because his assignment is to gatekeep Media Fakery by pretending that completely farcical Media-Faked jokes like the Orlando Homo-Bar charade where not a single thing can be conclusively proven and contradictions and absurdities pop-up around every turn, are somehow all to be considered REAL MASSACRES simply because Barrett's favorite source of information, the Jew Mass Media, told the public, the alt-Media and Barrett himself.

The silly fight over homos between Barrett and Fetzer (Fetzer the homo-lifestyle-defender, lol, VS Barrett the Moslem who doesn't like homos like Fetzer but whose wife had to get a restraining order against him for beating his teenage son) is also almost certainly for show, just like any of Fetzer's former fights with previous people. Fetzer's job is to gatekeep faked victims on 9/11 by pretending he knows all about faked victims on post-Sandy-Hook PsyOps and then lying at the most important part by refusing to use the same logic on 9/11 or any pre-Sandy-Hoax PsyOp. So Fetzer's job is in a way to make sure that the disastrous Sandy Hoax PsyOp that woke up so many people to Media Fakery and the PsyOps that followed are never tied to 9/11 or any pre-Sandy-Hoax PsyOps like Norway, 7/7, etc.

Both of these guys are shills, direct agent or useful idiot/ego the result being the same: disinfo, and I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. Barrett is beyond redeemable and a deliberate shill since he knows all about Simon Shack's work and refuses to even consider any of the points brought up. Fetzer can only redeem himself by acknowledging Vic-Sims prior to Sandy Hook, which he will almost certainly never do because he's a deep-cover limited-hangout shill and that is not his assignment. His assignment is to confuse so what people will believe utter bullshit from Media-Fakery "expert" Fetzer on the Pre-Sandy-Hook PsyOps and defer to his "expert" judgement since he has already baited them with more-or-less honest work on Sandy Hook & beyond.

There are two types of major Media Fakery shills: the Fetzer type as described above and the "Hoax Busters Call" and Fakeologist kind who will bait you all the way down to Vic-Sims on 9/11 and then pull out laughable garbage like Paul is Faul or Stevie-Wonder-Isn't-Blind or Flat-Earf with the hook being that it's never the Jews and the "poor Jews" are being set-up by "off chessboard" entities they can never name, the most laughable level of shilling that only complete and utter morons would be fooled by for even 10 seconds.

Of course, when you go on the radio and hand one of these shills their asses in a debate, then they censor you outright. The following audio


had an extra hour which was deliberately censored by Chris Kendall of Hoax Busters (giving the bullshit excuse of Talk Shoe restrictions which he never applies to any audios he approves of) because I was handing both him and his sidekick their asses repeatedly. After that, instead of admitting to their censorship bureau activities which there was now 100% proof of on audio, they flat-out banned me by refusing to answer my Skype calls but answering everyone else's.

Negentropic said...

(continued . . .)


Method # One = Refuse to acknowledge Media Fakery modus operandi of almost all PsyOps and call everything "real false flags" like Barrett, Piper, Mark Glenn & the Ugly Bullshit, most WN's and too many other suckers and shills to mention. Not even Alex Jones does this anymore. He was forced to admit that Sandy Hook was ENTIRELY faked.

Method two = Admit faked Victims on only Post-Sandy-Hook PsyOps like Fetzer


Method Three = Admit faked victims all the way down to 9/11 but refuse to admit the mountains of evidence pointing to the obvious fact that elite Jews who own the Banks and the Media plan, run and benefit from all of these PsyOps shown repeatedly to trigger fear on THEIR media. Their Shabbos Goyim, the Freemason traitors benefit too, but only as long as they kiss Jew ass.