December 25, 2018

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2018.12.24 ( Christmas Eve Special)

Brizer's guests: Alison Chabloz, Monika Schaefer, John Kaminski, Dennis Fetcho, Brian Ruhe, Alan Buttle and zapoper near the end of the show

Graham Hart - Hoax Train.mp3

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KnownUnknown said...

Great show all, cheers! Really appreciated the discussion and a better option than cricket on boxing day said...

3 heros of the British people John kaminski Monica Schaefer and Alison chabloz,
on ly Ursuala haverbeck wa smissing
thankyou it made my christmas

Panzerfaust said...

Awesome show! Thank you! Happy Winter Solstice everybody! May the good peoples of Europe and their descendents preservere through this dark time and live on to greet a new day.

Panzerfaust said...

Whoa, where's my pointed yet accurate comment comparing Hitler was a Zionist to flat refers?

JackieG said...

Glad to see the well rounded participation. Fascinating subject with a critical timeline. Look forward to next week's show.

Fredrick Toben said...

Thank you for a great and interesting discussion by all participants.

Please note what Arthur Butz said about the Jewish problem:
It's a matter of coping with the parasite - this is a never-ending-battle because the parasite knows that if it destroys the host, then it too dies.

That is why anyone engaged in this process of clarifying Jewish-caused problems must be prepared NOT to look for victories but rather to develop a world view that is circular.

Our battle against evil is a never-ending-battle but sometimes it is fiercer than at other times, and the parasite can be kept under control.

The last time this eternal battle reached crisis point was during the 1920s to which Germany under Adolf Hitler almost reached a solution.

Unfortunately other European nations did not join in supporting this massive enterprise, and fell into the enemy's mindset, thereby badly damaging the Germanic mindset.

So, we continue to soldier on - and best wishes to you all for a productive 2019.