March 30, 2019

How Much Longer Can Alex Jones Ignore Owen Benjamin?


Erik Paul said...

Tell it Big Bear!! Don't hold back! LMAO!

The_Mad_Subtitler said...

It take s a long time to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

Voltman said...

The plot thickens...

The Enigma Report
Published on Mar 28, 2019
Today we look at three of the biggest shills in the Youtubverse.

Adam Green is a suspected shill according to Mister Enigma...
And Oven is a "vile hypocrite"...

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22 hours ago (edited)
I’ve been on the fence with Owen. I still am a bit. It’s hard to know who is truthful these days. Some of what you say does make me wonder if it’s all just a big money game with these friendly enemies. Maybe Alex is trying to pass the baton and these characters are taking over to get a piece of the pie. Most of these truthers seem to come out exposing corruption on all fronts and then when they have fame and fortune they stop talking about certain things/people. Is Owen the new old Alex Jones, who is taking in the truthers just to lead them astray like Alex did with his audience? I hope not, but he is a part of their flock. Aargh! This crap is tiring. So sick of all the liars and deceivers. Their day will come! And money won’t save them.

Cameron Freeman
1 day ago
A person can be simply wrong or uninformed without being a shill. Its way uncool to be imputing devious motives to people you don't know just because they don't rage against Zionism in the same way that you do.

Cro Magnon
1 day ago
Dude I don't understand if you want to expose Adam green why don't you just have a debate with the dude and call him out.

Goylent Green
1 day ago
Owen Benjamin did a fake apology to the Jews about holocaust denial and said he thought it was a collision that killed 9 gay rollerbladers. After that, he’s okay with me. His content is not my cup of tea so i don’t watch and I don’t presume to know his motives but I’m glad he’s got an audience. I like your content Rich, I really do but i don’t understand why you’re so certain that other people covering this stuff like Adam and Owen are deceiving us. Who cares why he’s doing it? Why speculate. Maybe he is a fake but he’s putting the JQ in the public consciousness either way. If you don’t trust him, and i see why you wouldn’t, just don’t put yourself in a position where you need to trust him and That’s that.