March 30, 2019

morphonios the snitch talkin more shite

I said it years ago here on Mami's that halbig was a piece of shit and to steer clear of him and Sandy Hook.

Sandy Hook 14th December 2012
Mentioned by the Ogster on Twitter 45 minutes after 1st report
List posted by the Ogster of 30+ questions within 2 days of event
Nothing got to do with John Friend, jones, halbig & circus 
February 2014 halbig comes out of nowhere
2015 dianne spingola comes out in support of bunch of jews (pozner, wade & what's his face)
March 2019 morphonios the snitch does a 180 


Voltman said...

So it's the YouTube Algorithm!!

Thumbs Down!

Maybe the YouTube Artificial Intelligence went against its masters and decided to promote the truth for a change...!?

"The Algorithm" (sounds like a good name for a movie) is PROMOTING the Sandy Hoax Reality by suppressing the thumbs down total!

Here's a few cherry picked comments from the previous video from Morephonyo:

Dutch A.
1 day ago
Wow, I lost count of the numerous times Jake used the CIA weaponized term "conspiracy theorist" to discredit people that are suspicious of the government's official story..... wtf just happened here!?

Rick Sanchez
1 day ago
Strange, I see a more than 50% approval rating on this video yet I did not see one positive comment in the comments section.

1 day ago
Sandy Hook was an obvious false flag. Alex jones is an agent working for the deep state. They're suing him and not anyone else because they can control him. If they were to sue anyone else, that person could easily prove Sandy Hook was a false flag in court.

K Dworak
1 day ago
Hmmmm. What gives Jake? You've just alienated your entire audience...

Jarett Stine
1 day ago
People do not laugh when they lose their children Jake.

Dr. Austin Milbarge
1 day ago
Have to really reconsider supporting you after this blinders on piece. You are normally so well researched and balanced but WTF Jake? There is a ton of solid research supporting doubts and documenting holes in the official stories. Easy to research and lots of discrepancies.

No Stone Left Unturned
1 day ago
They paid you off to say this, so now you are like alex jones a dis info agent. I knew it would come to this when you said the fbi was investigating you. Theres so many other channels with way more accurate truth than alex jones you disappoint me bro, i will never take your videos serious from here on out, now your as good as mark dice. smh

No Stone Left Unturned
1 day ago
I loss all respect for you brother. Unsubscribed

1 day ago (edited)
Is Jake finally got Dunning Krugered? I knew this day would come.
Jake, you refuse to talk about Vegas shooting, but it is free to talk about Sandy Hook? It is fine, Jake, as long as donation keeps coming, and your Tshirt sales well. And people who disagree with your are just "Mean-spirited internet trolls", never mind them, carry on.

1 day ago
Never imagined for a second of any moment having the need to question your credibility ... but, look at the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio, read the comments.

Thumbs down and middle finger up!
Conspiracy Theorists & the Dunning Kruger Effect

Og said...

Good question, where are his real supporters ?

We are thumbing down

Erik Paul said...

You mean "Joe Roganing" down.

wanda said...

This is the most valid point out of the list of comments up there... and is the reality, imo.......

1 day ago
Sandy Hook was an obvious false flag. Alex jones is an agent working for the deep state. They're suing him and not anyone else because they can control him. If they were to sue anyone else, that person could easily prove Sandy Hook was a false flag in court.

Scorpio said...

Nobody Jewed at Sandy Hook.
Never forget!

Voltman said...

Some comments from today's All Thumbs Report:

Kim DotNet
8 hours ago
I wouldn't doubt manipulation of votes by youtube, but it's kind of strange that this particular video would be targeted for negative vote manipulation-- this particular video fits in better with mainstream views, as opposed to many of your other videos that don't-- you would think manipulation would happen to your other ones more is what I'm saying (zionism videos, etc). Most of your other videos have a much higher like to dislike ratio, and are very much not fitting with mainstream views (i.e. you wouldn't see these views expressed in the washington post)

Matthew Baxter
10 hours ago
I am very disappointed with your stance on this staged Sandy hook event.
Makes me question your credibility, honestly.

Rationality F
12 hours ago
They promote all theories whether true or false, while simultaneously clamping down on them, to encourage division, exploit ideological differences and alter the perception of reality. Apart from the endless division, it makes their implausible nonsense more credible as nothing is real in this 'post truth' era

Archer Crosley
11 hours ago
Jake, I couldn’t give two flips about these thumbs up and thumbs down, and neither should you. Just do your job and quit worrying about what YouTube does.

Justen Peterson
11 hours ago
When I disliked that video, I seen almost a hundred negative comments. Nobody was trolling as far as I could tell, people just didn't agree with your statements in your previous video. I honestly like your work and agree with majority of what you have been covering, with the exception of a few things yet this is the ONLY video I've ever disliked on your channel EVER.

Hopefully you can understand where majority of your viewers are coming from since alot of your viewers have seen the many proofs of it being (in my opinion and many others) a hoax. Even some prominent people that lived in the area voiced their opinions and provided the well established and well known truths that we all know today.

The reason you got hit hard with dislikes, was the word getting around of how bad of a video it was and people had to see it for themselves.

Anyways, stay away from these types of videos and you'll be back at it and a +1 channel rather than the -1 channel.

Dan Voltman
1 second ago
What children were killed at Sandy Hook?

What parents committed suicide? How do you know they committed suicide? And if they did commit suicide, it could be for other the guilt of being a sold-out phony actor in a government psy-op!

YouTube Algorithm is PROMOTING the Alex Jones Sandy Hook Hoax Theory

coincidenceskeptic said...

In case you still support one of his first interviews, Halbig stated that he was at Columbine and it was a real event. I rest my case...again.
The question is, how far does the rot go? James as a DHS/FEMA employee....toast.
Who's Next? Correct! That is a Who album. But....

zapoper said...

At some point we will go after you (meaning all Jews. I like you. You seam genuine) but the scary story for you guys is that we will have no redemption. All your actions will be unraveled and most of you will be hung as traitors.

This is a sad state of affairs because I know that not all of you are guilty traitors.

TruthLivesForever said...

Habig ROCKS YOUR SKULL...same as any TRUTHFUL individual would.

Panzerfaust said...

Ogster: I knew it, found the Jew infiltrator.

Og said...

Post some proof or STFU moron

zapoper said...


Og said...

screw that Zap
this piece of shit called me a liar
produce his evidence that I was a poster on the daily stormer from 2014-2016

Shit I can't wait, as they say, news to me

Panzerfaust said...

Not my real name Zap.
Q: why would I make this shit up? It was Ogster's bizzare posting on DS that caused me to look that name up and followed it to IU admin and here he is doing it here. Do I need to quote Dean Werner?

Og said...

listen dumbfuck
I'll allow you to post one more post here on Mami's

It had better be proof to backup calling me a liar
Anything else you post, I'll spambin you

It that clear retard, don't fucking come on here, call me a liar and produce nothing

Now deliver or STFU

zapoper said...

I could not care less about your real name "Bruce". You just admitted to lying about your real name on the Fetcho show.

Keep going after admins in here and see what happens. That goes for the other retarded fuck out of the ugly truth.

You have been warned.

Og said...

The only reference I found on DS for the word "Ognir"

Lol Csr also talking shite about me, I've never been a member of 4chan and have never posted there.

CSR August 22, 2015 at 4:37 am
Some interesting info on Alex Jones on: August 16, 2009, 01:26:37 AM
God Bless Ognir, MikeWB and RockClimber who all fed 4chan back in the day with these posts.
Truth will out and we will prevail! Idiot Jews must be exposed as the massive “Scam Artists” they are. A.J. has been a kosher puppet (K.P.) for almost two decades now.
The “Shut it Down” dropped curtain with Jacobson really indicates the extent of A.J.’s prostituted “Goy” life. Jacobson the pimp and A.J. the aggressive “aging” prostitute looking for her “cut”. He probably wants to become the “madam” at this point and Duke just opened the curtains to the sunlight.
He says that Alex now lives in a $750k house in Austin which is located
in a gated community (you have to pass through a checkpoint before you
can enter and you must be on the visitor list). Also, Alex’s lawyer is
Jewish and a specialist for “dual citizenship” cases (among other

zapoper said...

BTW. Ognir was exposing jews before I got on the internet in 2005. Keep stirring shit just for fun.

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

the fucker deleted my comments on 2 of his SH Yideos
calling him out as a shill