March 30, 2019

Rammstein’s Deutschland – Gone to the Dogs?

March 30, 2019 Alison Chabloz

It was a masterful PR stunt. First send out a 30-second teaser and get everyone crying about “The Holocaust” before releasing the full video the next day, with Germania portrayed as a Black Woman.

Much has happened over the past decade in socio-political terms. Yet German industrial metal band, Rammstein, have waited all this time before airing their latest project. In just under 48 hours, their nine-minute YouTube video entitled Deutschland has been viewed over 13 million times.


Red Orchid said...

Ramstein with one M is Deutschland's biggest US military airbase.

I'm sure creatures born of the Black Queen are just what the German people need.

Alison writes: "Provocative art provokes extreme reactions. Don’t I know it… It’s the whole point. As soon as the teaser was released, the all-too-predictable condemnation and whining from Jewish bodies was heard from Berlin to Tel Aviv. The band received an invitation to Dachau – which they probably already visited as schoolkids in the DDR."

I think a lot of Jews had a hand in producing this silly video!

Voltman said...


Du hast viel geweint… [You cried so much.]

Utterly brilliant. Genius.

Germans don’t have a reputation for crying. On the contrary. But we know who does…
- Alison Chabloz

Check this one out:
Rammstein - Ich Will (Official Video)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious

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WWS said...