June 01, 2019

How to download a show

When you left click on "download" and it does not redirect you to the Sync.com page or the page is blank. Right click on the download link and choose "open link in new tab". If you get a blank page then use the Chrome browser. 

You can also right click on "download" and choose "copy link location", then paste the copied link in the address bar of your browser.


Original Larry said...

Thank you very much! It worked, which is really good because I would not ever use the chrome browser, unless it was the only one available!

WWS said...

Zap, I told you: "Never show your face!"

zapoper said...


SourKraut said...

It didn't work for me Zapp

zapoper said...

What did not work? What did you try exactly? Are you able to go to the Sync.com page? Is it blank? Which browsers did you try and which one is your default? eg. Firefox xx.x, Safari, Chrome xx.x etc.

What operating system are you using and on what device?

I can not help you if all you say is: It doesn't work

Try and answer all of my questions and take your time. I still have Barrett and Rense to edit, upload and post.

SourKraut said...

Hey Zapp, I was able to figure out how to open the site on CHROME ( everything
I open comes up on FireFox) and was able to bring up a window to "save as"
which allowed me to download the MP3 file.

Thanks for walking me thru this existential mental breakdown thinking that
I wouldn't be able to get your posts.

Keep up the GREAT work Buddy, Paul F

zapoper said...

OK. Cool.

BTW. You should always try left clicking on a download link before doing the "save as" thing. This is what got you in trouble with my download links. If you had left clicked on them in the first place, they would have automatically redirected you to the download page at Sync.com.

Try it.

zapoper said...

Saving an HTML document with the extension .htm doesn't quite work like saving a .mp3. LOL

Voltman said...

Where's Maxwell Smart when you need him?