June 01, 2019

Poisoned minds, poisoned world

Published by John Kaminski: Saturday, 01 June 2019 11:43

The great shadow on our lives

“Inside every Christian is a Jew,” stated Pope Francis. That is the simplest and the deepest truth about Christianity. Most Christians are not aware of this Jew inside them, yet he commands a large part of their worldview. — Mark Glenn, quoted by Fredrick Töben, Adelaide Institute newsletter 1056, June 2019) (What happened to Mark’s The Ugly Truth website?)

It should be obvious to you by now that all the information you receive has been somehow touched by Jews, an effect that has rendered the general account of history consumed by most students in the Western world a fairly inaccurate rendition of what actually happened during those recent centuries, decades and years. The twisting of history by Jews continues to be seen every single night on the mainstream TV news, as well as in the slavish remarks of U.S. legislators who prioritize their campaign contributions much higher than they do the freedom of their country.


Voltman said...

"There are people who care deeply in all walks of life. Unfortunately, they comprise a very small percentage of the general population.

This small percentage generates nearly 100 percent of the legitimate criticism of the corrupt authorities who restrict our freedoms and regulate our existences. Presumably this small percentage has been scheduled for elimination by the authorities after being officially designated as enemies of the state and a danger to the public.

In every political party, in every country on Earth, in almost all religions and no matter where you go, there are people who really care. Maybe none of us have the courage of a Rachel Corrie to stand in front of the bulldozer, but we all have the courage to say no to what we know is wrong and will hurt us.

Most unfortunately for the future of humanity, this is the situation today with the criminals who run the world by killing innocent people to convince us all to shut up and take the bribe.

So many take the bribe and turn away. They think they’re being smart by raising kids to take the bribe when it’s available and turn away from the horrible reality behind the bribe, like obliterating peasants to keep the price of oil low. Or infecting large parts of the population with cholera in order to support a despot who murders journalists but provides us with low cost oil.

Yet it is the people who don’t care who decide the issues that affect our lives, because media appeal to the dumbest and all the smartest questions are deliberately ignored."

- John Kaminsky


I find myself agreeing with every paragraph of this article written by one of the greatest lucid and encapsulating writers of our times: John Kaminsky


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Max Smart said...

(((Kaminsky))) quotes the Black Pope and runs with it as a statement of fact. You see, if the Black Pope believes it then every Catholic/Christian must believe it. Why? To do as (((Kaminsky))) always does: to denounce Christianity. And we all know how much Jews despise Christianity, right John?

zapoper said...

You might as well write (((zapoper))) in the same manner because I don't believe in the (((Good book))) either.

Voltman said...

Is Maxwell Smart showing his insecurity around his belief system once again?

To conclude that John Kaminsky is a jew is to abandon reason completely. I guess when you want to hold on to cherished childhood beliefs like Mr. "Smart" does, you get a lot of practice disregarding reason and logic.

Perhaps (((Maxwell Smart))) needs to go to the Charles Giuliani School of Bible Deprogramming...

Or should I write (((Charles Giuliani)))?

Truth Hertz: Trump is Ushering in the Moshiach (5-27-19)

foon1e said...

Question Mr Voltman. Why willingly swallow the kool-aid the jews gave you to keep you a good,quiescent slave to the system they put in place?? remember, it was their scholars in conjunction with the roman emperor of the time (Constantine) who concocted the whole scam in the first place to mke sure the revolting jews paid their taxes to the Roman empire of their day and ever since...render unto god what is gods and render unto caesar what is caesars!All cynical control-matrix bollocks

Voltman said...

If you are you asking me "Why willingly swallow the kool-aid the jews gave me to keep me a good,quiescent slave to the system they put in place??"

I think you're asking the wrong person because I don't know what you're insinuating at all.