June 01, 2019

The Alan Buttle Radio Show 2019.06.01

Hitler's "Dear Princess", Princess Stephanie von Hohenlohe



INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Nice prog Alan. Good to see you keeping your eye on the ball rather than the man playing the man. A short note on our uberofficer class from sausagemunchenland. Something is wrong when one considers that the pet captures got banged up in wired for sound mansions like Trent Park. So either the land they came from wasn't a blockfuhrer spying shithole as we've been told, unlike UKplc, and they, being naive dupes spilled their guts about plots and artificial ruby production OR the tapes we've been told about are all a load of ultrabollox. Bearing in mind the load of fake news paper proprietors you've listed in this presentation and the load of imported bankster schtetl mimic talent we had swaning around the MIs, I tend to the later. It is all made up like white helmets for peace.

KnownUnknown said...

Yeah I agree INCOMING on pretty much all fronts. Good show Alan, cheers.